How To Celebrate Lucky Penny Day

My son got a piggy bank for his birthday last month and ever since then our world has been ALL about finding pennies. Someone recently told him about lucky pennies and now I can’t get him to look up from the sidewalk when we walk. I wasn’t sure if I should tell him about Lucky Penny Day tomorrow, but then I realized that I could probably make it a cake day. And who doesn’t want a cake day?

I couldn’t find the source for the mysterious origins of Lucky Penny Day so I am wondering if a rogue leprechaun managed to delete some wikipedia entries. I do know that we could all use a little luck these days. Unless you are the family in Florida who just won the Powerball, you guys are doing just fine.

How To Celebrate Lucky Penny Day

  • Lucky Penny Day 1 of 9
    Lucky Penny Day

    One of the coolest and easiest ways to celebrate Lucky Penny day is to be the one hiding the pennies. I do this whenever I get a really shiny penny in my change at my local coffee shop. After I have put cream and sugar in my coffee I put the shiny penny on the counter where I know someone will see it. Several times I have heard someone exclaim, "A lucky penny!"


    Image Credit: Wikimedia

  • Penny Bowling Ball 2 of 9
    Penny Bowling Ball

    I love the idea behind this DIY craft from Beth Evans-Ramos. She used pennies and a bowling ball she found at a thrift store to make a really groovy and unique garden orb.


    Image Credit: Beth Evans-Ramos

  • Penny Loafers 3 of 9
    Penny Loafers

    These vibrant and happy looking loafers are just SCREAMING for your lucky penny!! They are for sale at Ruby Chic Boutique.


    Image Credit: Ruby Chic

  • Lucky Penny Cookies 4 of 9
    Lucky Penny Cookies

    Truthfully I have never heard about lucky penny cookies, but any holidays where there are dedicated cookies has to be pretty awesome. I found a recipe for these at Spoonful


    Image Credit: Spoonful

  • President Obama in Pennies 5 of 9
    President Obama in Pennies

    Well the obvious joke about an artist crafting a mural of President Obama out of oxidized pennies would probably include something about change...but I just can't get over how beautiful this is. The Art of E has several portraits in currency.


    Image Credit: Art of E

  • Lucky Penny Locket 6 of 9
    Lucky Penny Locket

    This is something worth saving your pennies for. Stacey Lee Webber is a Philadelphia artist that has made this penny locket entirely out of pennies. The idea is that you keep your lucky penny inside it. It's such a work of art!


    Image Credit: Stacey Lee Webber

  • Penny Floor 7 of 9
    Penny Floor

    The next time I am in NYC I must check out the floor of the Standard Grill. Oh yes. It is a floor made of pennies.


    Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

  • Penny Fashion 8 of 9
    Penny Fashion

    The Art Institute of Portland recently had a show called Fit 2 Print and it featured many off beat dresses. This dress made entirely out of pennies was one of the most talked about.


    Image Credit: David Lim

  • Painted Penny 9 of 9
    Painted Penny

    Penny art is something that I am not all that familiar with but wow can you find some amazing stuff! This bluebird on a penny was something I thought was pretty cool. Artist Lauren Slocum says that takes requests!


    Image Credit: Lauren Slocum

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