How to Have a Perfect Friday Night Family Movie Night

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iStock_000019452832XSmallFriday nights are sacred in my house because Friday night is movie night. It’s a time where my family gathers around and is transported to places far away, from the waters of Australia in Finding Nemo, to the forests of Scotland in Brave, to the wilds of Monstropolis in Monsters, Inc.

Here is how we do movie night:


  • The Movie 1 of 5

    As you might notice, we are big Pixar fans here. One of the big requirements of Friday night movie night is that you need to start with a good movie, and Pixar is great at delivering high quality family fun. But there are oodles of great films to choose from, and one way we make our selection is by using On Demand. There is always something worthy to watch.

  • The Setting 2 of 5

    We have a dress code for our movie night - before movie night begins, we must all be in our pajamas. Then we get some cozy blankies, some extra pillows, and curl up on the couch to get ready for showtime.

  • Snacks 3 of 5

    As for snacks, we go with a clique. We always make popcorn. But we all like our popcorn a little bit different. My daughter likes it with butter and salt, my husband likes it with shaved parmesan cheese, and I like it sweet with a touch of brown sugar along with a couple shakes of salt.

  • The Treat 4 of 5

    But we don't stop at popcorn, no sirree -- since it's Friday, we always feel we need a special treat. And it's super fun to theme your treat with the movie at hand. Sometimes we have ice cream sundaes, sometimes cupcakes, sometimes cookies, but one thing is for sure, it always makes Friday night movie night sweeter.

  • Make it a Themed Movie Night! 5 of 5

    One of our favorite things to do is to make our movie night themed. So, let's say you are getting ready to watch Disney's upcoming Teen Beach movie (which debuts Friday, July 19th), make it a Teen Beach themed event. Throw down some beach towels, but on some tropical print PJs, dine on hot dogs and maybe have a dance contest. You can do this for almost every film, from a Scottish themed evening for Brave to candied apples for a showing of Snow White, the choice is yours!



 How do you do movie night?

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