How to Nurture the Soul of Your Family

Are things pretty hectic at your house? We all want a happy, thriving family. Sometimes we need a little kick to tweak the status quo and orchestrate a better life for ourselves and our families.

I just finished Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life by Renee Trudeau.  Her book is a call for a new way of being. Kind of new-agey, but kind of comforting and inspiring. Here are 10 tips from Renee’s book for nurturing a calm and happy family.

  • The Transformative Power of Self-Care 1 of 11
    The Transformative Power of Self-Care
    I'm all over the concept of self-care. I love self-care. For me it means reading in bed under the covers at least once a week. For you it might mean yoga or whatever. According to Renee, "Self-care could be asking for help, doing less, taking a nap, or having lunch with a friend. As parents of infants know, even taking a shower or going to the bathroom when you need to is a form of self-care!"
  • Peace Begins With Me 2 of 11
    Peace Begins With Me
    Renee stresses the concept that our own personal baggage can sometimes taint interactions with our family without us even realizing it. Families should be a place for personal growth for every member. From the book, "I have to center myself each and every day or I throw everyone off—harmony starts with me." On my worst days I wish this weren't true. But, dang it, Renee is right.
  • People First, Things Second 3 of 11
    People First, Things Second
    Question: Does Facebook count as a person or a thing? Just kidding. Renee wants us to honestly answer to this question, "Is technology bringing your family closer together or driving you farther apart?"
  • Nature: The Ultimate Antidepressant 4 of 11
    Nature: The Ultimate Antidepressant
    You forget because nature is not glamorous and, frankly, when kids are involved it can seem like a pain. But just go outside. It doesn't have to involve gear or a map or a plan. It will lift your mood. I got excited and underlined "monthly camping trips" in my copy of Renee's book. Let's not get too crazy, folks. Walking the dog might be a good place to start.
  • Find Spiritual Renewal 5 of 11
    Find Spiritual Renewal
    Whether you believe in god, pray, read scriptures, mediate, or all of the above, finding a spiritual connection acts as a tether when life gets chaotic. Serving others and volunteering can be a great way to connect spiritually. An important reminder: "Sometimes, though, we become so focused on helping others and the disenfranchised that we miss the many opportunities to serve those right next to us who desperately need our help. These overlooked people could be our spouse, our children, our parents, and relatives or friends and acquaintances."
  • Spend Time Together 6 of 11
    Spend Time Together
    If you're not spending time with your loved ones, what is the point? I love this from Renee: "It's a mystery how and why we're together—But it's not a mistake, your family and everything about you is unique—There will never be another tribe just like yours." Go tribe!
  • Define, Honor, and Celebrate Your Family Culture 7 of 11
    Define, Honor, and Celebrate Your Family Culture
    Be who you are with your family and do what you like. Just because someone else is reveling in monthly camping trips doesn't mean you have to pretend you're really into camping to have a happy family. And consider this, "As families we will spend much more time together as adults than in a parent/child dynamic, so as parents we should ask, 'What kind of adult am I raising, and who is this person I'll be hanging out with for the next 50 years.'"
  • Do Less. Experience More 8 of 11
    Do Less. Experience More
    Best advice ever. "We're craving more time to just be—so we can actually integrate into our hearts and souls what's happening moment to moment. Overdoing keeps us from having this experience." Renee Trudeau is a wise woman.
  • Make Hard Choices 9 of 11
    Make Hard Choices
    Balance your budget. Get healthy. Break bad habits. Be the grown up and your family will thrive. Renee asks, "What does the life we desire look like, and are we willing to make the choices necessary to experience a new way of being—to embrace greater freedom and joy?"
  • Build Your Support Network 10 of 11
    Build Your Support Network
    Whether it's a sister, friends, or even bloggers (hi there!), you need to build a support network that is restorative and fun. Don't hang out with people who bring you down. "Being with good friends who deeply care about us reminds us who we really are."
  • Nurturing the Soul of Your Family 11 of 11
    Nurturing the Soul of Your Family
    If you're ready to be inspired, read more of Renee's book!
    Available at Amazon for $10.85

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