This Hubby’s “Sexy” House-Cleaning Photos Have Women Everywhere Falling in Love

Some women fantasize about riding horseback on the beach with Fabio. Other women just fantasize about finally taking a nap. Either way, I think we’ve all fantasized about someone else saving us from our weekly cleaning duties. In fact, I’ve heard plenty of women say that their No. 1 fantasy would be watching their husband run the vacuum cleaner every once in a while. One husband recently took to the Internet to see if he could make his wife’s wildest dreams come true — by cleaning the house.

Reddit user dirty-ol-sob tried to get his wife all hot and bothered by sending seductive photos of himself doing all kinds of dirty work around the house. Hoping that it’d help him get lucky, he sent the photos to her while she was working and crossed his fingers that his hard work would pay off.

And BOY, did it …

Image Source: Reddit user dirty-ol-sob

One photo shows him rolling up his sleeves and getting covered in suds while doing the dishes. OOOOHHHH YYEEEAAAA.

Another shows him sexily placing a Tide Pod into the washing machine (and thankfully NOT eating it!). I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t kick this guy out of bed for eating crackers …

Next, he tries to set the mood by setting the washer load size to LARGE. (Hey, at least he knows that size matters when it comes to laundry!)

And lastly, this dad takes it to the next level by pulling out his … um … vacuum. SCHWING!

The hilarious post has received over 2,200 comments on the social media forum, with users chiming in on everything from the husband’s awesome sense of humor to requests for him to do a cleaning-themed calendar.

“Dude, as a lady I can promise you she was bragging,” wrote ZoeMunroe. “There’s nothing sexier than a man who can make you laugh and also takes care of you and your home. Dead sexy.”

“These are incredible,” wrote sailorscout_. “You should make a calendar.”

When the housework-ing husband was asked if his plan worked, he shared in the comments: “The only thing I accomplished was making her and all her coworkers she showed the texts to laugh at how dumb I am … and getting a clean house.”

Well, even if our Reddit hero didn’t get lucky, we’re sure he got some major points from his lady for creativity!

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