Want to Hang out with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck? Here’s Your Chance!

affleck-damonMatt Damon and Ben Affleck are auctioning off a chance to hang out with them in Hollywood, and I think my best friend and I should go.

Two lucky people who make a $10 donation will win this experience, they explain in this Omaze video they put together.

Instead of auctioning off celebrity experiences to the highest bidder, Omaze makes them more like a good old-fashioned raffle. Everyone who kicks in $10 to benefit the Eastern Congo Initiative and is entered for the chance to fly to California and go on a “best friend double date” with Affleck and Damon.

“It’ll be like us, hanging out, taking selfies, talking about how, like, the Sox are gonna do,” Matt says.

“Or if you have more sophisticated interests, we could talk about 19th century literature, or the current state of politics in the Middle East,” Ben added, to eyerolls from Matt.

The video is almost two-and-a-half minutes of best friend bickering. Ben picks on Matt’s height, and lords his Oscar® for Argo over him. In return, Matt claims primary writing duties on Good Will Hunting, and goes there with the other G-word — Gigli. They have the gift of shaming each other affectionately only known by friends of great depth and/or longevity.

This is to say that they hassle each other as well as Sarah and I do. I think we are on a par with Ben and Matt/Matt and Ben when it comes to this activity, and therefore would be an excellent choice to go to California and be their best friend double daters at this swanky Hollywood event. Of course, I’d have to make sure I can get off work, and she has to manage the lives of a family that includes two 9-year-olds and stuff, so it’s hard for us to fly cross-country on short notice, yes. There are significant obstacles, but I feel that we are strong enough friendship contenders that they can be overcome.

I’ve honestly been nervous to meet celebrities when I’ve had the chance, especially ones I’ve really admired. An actor’s whole job is to create a different persona, and who knows how people will behave or communicate offscreen. And even when people are just being themselves, personalities can always clash. It’s too much pressure for me, and sometimes it’s nice to live in the fantasy that only a performer can create. With Matt and Ben, though, it seems like that pressure would be off. They just seem nice, and fun, and normal, and like they enjoy hanging out together. They seem like two dudes who would be fun to hang out with for an evening, especially with my best friend by my side. We both write about sports, so we can talk about baseball, and we can handle politics and literature too. Their suggested topics are not a problem.

Besides, if there’s one thing we can help these guys out with, it’s the art of the two-person selfie. We have that one nailed.

If you think you can hang with Matt and Ben, give $10 via Omaze by Wednesday, February 19and you’ll be entered. I’m really not excited about having competition, and I’m probably going to win anyway, but it’s for a really good cause, so go for it.

Image credit: YouTube

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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