If Your Favorite Marvel Characters Had Instagram…

I don’t really follow many celebrities on Instagram, because there are only so many self-indulgent selfies a gal can take (I make exceptions for Zachary Quinto). But I could definitely see myself getting seriously involved with the social media presence of some of my favorite fictional characters. Recently, for example, we found out what life would be like if the Disney Princesses were on Instagram. Snow White would humble brag, Pocahontas would plug animal rights, and Cinderella would show off her latest dresses. In other words, the world would be a much better place.

Never one to miss out on a fan fiction opportunity, I immediately began to wonder how other characters would handle hashtags and photo filters. My mind eventually wandered to Marvel characters, and there it stayed. Sure, they may have mutated genes and look freakishly good in spandex, but I’d like to think that these masked mercenaries are as appreciative of a good #tbt picture as the rest of us. And you just KNOW Spider-man would photobomb every chance he got.

Since it’s such fun to imagine what superheroes would be like in real life (and since comic book and social media nerddoms should merge more often), let’s take a moment to imagine what it would be like to follow your favorite Marvel characters on Instagram…

If Your Favorite Marvel Characters Had Instagram:

  • If Marvel Characters Had Instagram 1 of 13

    From Spider-man's photobombs to Sue Storm's selfies, check out how much better social media would be if these superheroes and villains were on Instagram.

  • Thor 2 of 13

    I know I would obsessively follow Thor on ANY social media outlet. Fingers crossed for a shirtless mirror pic...

  • Wolverine 3 of 13

    Wolverine would probably only go on Instagram about once a year (on account of being constantly annoyed with everyone), but when he did, he would post things like this. 

  • Captain America 4 of 13
    captain america1

    If Marvel characters were on Instagram, 90% of the fun would come from watching Tony Stark troll on everyone. Poor, puny Steve Rogers.

  • Invisible Woman 5 of 13
    sue storm1

    Selfies are much less obnoxious when you can't actually see the person, don't you agree?

  • Hulk 6 of 13

    (his fingers are way too big to type coherent sentences on tiny smartphone screens)

  • Iron Man 7 of 13

    If Tony Stark doesn't gain over 1 million followers within a day of joining Instagram, there is truly no justice in the world. #betterthanbieber

  • Spider-man 8 of 13

    As we know, Peter Parker is quite the accomplished photographer. When he isn't busy creepin' in the background of other people's photos, I bet he would post some awesome shots.

  • Human Torch 9 of 13
    human torch1

    Johnny Storm would probably have twice as many followers as Tony Stark. And he would be twice as full of himself.

  • Black Widow 10 of 13
    black widow 1

    Could we maybe see some online flirting between Black Widow and Hawkeye? I know I would watch their interactions like a ... er, hawk.

  • Magneto 11 of 13

    It is famously impossible to get inside Magneto's mind, so social media outlets would provide the most insight that we're going to get. Bonus: Young Magneto looks like Michael Fassbender. Hello, #tbt.

  • Ghost Rider 12 of 13
    ghost rider1

    Johnny Blaze is always on the go, so definitely follow him for some nice, scenic photography. And maybe some hellish afterlife pics if you're lucky.

  • Loki 13 of 13

    Loki would spend his lifetime trying to acquire more followers than Thor. By any means necessary.


    I, for one, would need no convincing. #teamloki

Photo credit: courtesy of Marvel


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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