I’m Not Ashamed to Admit it: The Fault in Our Stars Trailer Made Me Cry

The Fault in Our StarsI am absolutely that annoying friend who has been pestering you to read the young adult genre. Yup, I proclaimed my favorite book of 2013 to be a teen romance and I devoured the Divergent series as fast as I could just so that I could see the movie in its opening weekend.

Not everyone is thrilled when a book is adapted into a film, but usually I get excited and hopeful. I have been especially hopeful about the film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars because the book’s author, John Green, has been so involved. He has also been enthusiastic about many of the film choices; and if the author is thrilled why shouldn’t WE be?!

Fan girl confession: Inspired by Shailene Woodley, the star of The Fault of Our Stars, I cut off 11 inches of my hair last fall and donated it to the #hairforhazel movement.

(One final nudge: read the book. It’s really that good.)

The extended trailer for The Fault in Our Stars was released and oh my lands does it bring on the weeps. When I saw the first cut of the original trailer two weeks ago, I was excited about seeing the characters come to life, but I was still familiarizing myself with seeing Shailene in the role. I was very aware of an actress playing a part. Seeing the newer and longer trailer completely immersed me into the story.

Time was quick to point out, “Quotes in the trailer are verbatim from the book, including Hazel’s discussion with her parents about wanting to be a regular teenager and the fan-favorite quote ‘I fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once.'” YES — that is exactly what was missing from the first trailer. If you didn’t know anything about the story, all you would take away from the original trailer was doom and gloom.

In this three minute version you see the lightness, the love, and major elements from the book we all swooned over. I think you can also see the YA genre at its best here as John Green completely wows with his ability to story-tell. After watching the new trailer a few times I started to get a very “next generation John Hughes” vibe and THAT is just fine by me.

Watch the extended trailer for The Fault in Our Stars:

Image Credit: John Green’s Tumblr

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