I’m with the Band! 10 of the Craziest Tour Riders Ever

Have you heard the one about the pop star who wanted two solid gold thrones, pizza flown in from Venice, and diamond shoes to wear for the night?

Nope? Ok, ok, I’m kidding! But really, when you hear of a celeb’s outlandish demands for their already sold-out shows, doesn’t it make you laugh? Of course it is nice to have a backstage area with a clean toilet, comfy seats to sit on, some wi-fi, and maybe something to snack on and a drink or two. But 20 white kittens? A wig room? Access to Rolexes? Really? I mean, it’s not as if these folk don’t earn enough as it is…

Madonna earned $125 million this year ALONE — for her MDNA tour, which netted her $305 million in total. That is just one year of her illustrious career, which spans almost 3 decades!! WOW. Is it that the more they earn, the crazier the requests are? OR that the crazier the request, the higher they think their status is? Or is touring so boring that they sit around and come up with the weirdest things they can possibly think of, just to see if they can get them?

Whatever the reason, check out the CRAZIEST 10 tour riders below….

I mean, Bob Hope impersonator? Is that really a MUST?

  • Mariah Carey 1 of 10
    Mariah Carey, wearing a very tight black dress and leather jacket, leaves a midtown hotel in New York City

    Crazy request: 20 white kittens and 100 doves. (White? Presumably.) 


    We all know that J-Lo came to the UK's Top of the Pops show years ago and demanded an entirely white backstage area, with candles and round temperature water, etc. But that was NOTHING compared to Diva Mariah's requests...  My concern would be that the kittens and the doves are not the best of buddies — what if the kittens got hungry? 


    Rest of riderRolls-Royce,  2 dozen white roses Jo Malone Vanilla candles, 75 degree room temperature, 80 security guards, and a 15-person entourage.

  • Drake 2 of 10
    Drake arriving to sign CD's of his new album 'Nothing Was The Same' at an HMV store on Queen Street in Toronto

    Craziest request: Electric hair trimmers.


    The Canadian recording artist, rapper, songwriter, actor, and Grammy-winner Drake must be amassing a fairly old collection of hair trimmers ... and peppermint soap, which "tingles and clears the mind!"


    Rest of rider: Four dozen natural-scented incense sticks, Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap, pork-free food, E-Z Wider rolling papers and a pack of Dutch Master President cigars, Pinot Grigio, Heineken, bottles of Jack Daniel's, Patron Silver tequila, a bottle of Hennesy or Courvoisier, Grey Goose, and extra sets of speakers. Oh and a great tip: "It seems silly," the rider notes, but promoters should "bring more subs and amps that you think you should. Hip hop revolves around bass and volume." Of course it does...

  • Jay-Z 3 of 10
    Jay Z, casually dressed in a dark sweater and jeans, heads into an office building in New York City

    Crazy request: Access to Rolex watches, designer suits, oh, and a private jet. Specifically, the rap star requires a late-model black Mayback (either the '57 or '62 model) with tinted windows.


    Mr. Beyonce sure does like the finer things in life. In the UK for the Wireless Festival this summer, he wanted his entourage to live like kings! Whilst on his 2009 tour, his request was for luxury vehicles to be available... When on stage? Why?


    Rest of rider: His dressing room (at 72 degrees, please) must be stocked with Sapporo beer, vodka, tequila, and two bottles of $300 Champagne, two bottles (at $200 apiece) of  2004 Sassicaia, which his rider helpfully describes as a "red, Italian wine from Bolgheri Region." Additionally, Carter requires "good quality" peanut butter and jelly, one martini shaker, 12 shot glasses, and a pack of Marlboro Lights. 

  • Madonna 4 of 10
    Singer Madonna poses in the press room at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas

    Crazy request: 20 international phone lines.


    The question is — why? Mid Voguing, it is doubtful Madge will need to stop and check her nanny has shown up on time? Or has the food delivery arrived? But you are Madonna, you just earned $125 million this year from your $305 million grossing MDNA tour. Chances are, you'll get your 20 phone lines.                                      


    Rest of rider: 200-person entourage, her backstage room must look exactly like her own home (which means she ships around her own furniture), special flower-scented fabric,  flowers, personal chef who prepares only vegan foods, and her own dry-cleaning service. Madonna wants to know who is washing her smalls. 

  • Iggy Pop 5 of 10
    Veteran singer Iggy Pop seen performing in Milan

    Crazy request: Chinese Gunpowder Tea and "Somebody dressed as Bob Hope doing fantastic Bob Hope impersonations and telling all those hilarious Bob Hope jokes about golf and Hollywood and Bing Crosby..."


    For the wild man of pop, what else were you expecting? 


    Rest of rider: It's not a short read! Someone who can speak English, "two dedicated and intensely loyal" security men, strong tea and coffee, assorted food, two enormous pizzas, bread, some fruit, and chocolate. And 12 bottles of "nice beer," dinner for 10 people as well as Iggy and two others, 3 litres of fizzy water, a deck of playing cards and some pins or badges for his tour manager to wear on his coat.  Iggy's room to be designed by someone "loose with a little bit of flair." Quite ... (He even throws in an idea for a reality tv show - I kid ye not!). 

  • Cher 6 of 10
    Cher, wearing a jeweled leather jacket, leather skirt and fishnet tights, heads out of 'The Late Show with David Letterman' in New York City

    Crazy request: A room for her wig collection.


    Cher is amazing. Still rocking out at the age of 67 and not looking a day over 40...  In leather, lace, lycra and lipgloss, she slinks across a stage and belts out those ballads. Her hair though, it has a whole room of it's own — as she demands. The idea of walking into a room filled with Cher wigs tickles me to no end.


    Rest of rider: Black solo cups, lilies, M&Ms, beverages and pizza. Not that demanding - Cher doesn't specify any M & Ms to be taken out...

  • Metallica 7 of 10
    Lars Ulrich (L) and Kirk Hammett of Metallica attend the premiere of 'Metallica: Through The Never' at Callao cinema in Madrid

    Crazy request: A lot of bacon.


    Now I like a bacon as much as the next person, but it's not exactly rock 'n' roll now is it? Especially when it's coming from a band that has released 10 studio albums and sold over 53 million records ... 


    Rest of rider: 24 pages!! Hot breakfast for 100 people that includes fresh fruit, two gallons of many flavours of juice, many cereals and Gatorade flavors, hot coffee on tap ... 

  • Ozzy Osbourne 8 of 10
    Ozzy Osbourne attending the Classic Rock Roll of Honour in London

    Crazy request: Ear nose and throat doctor


    Maybe in case any bats get stuck there, eh Ozzy? The Prince of Darkness and once lead singer in the band Black Sabbath, it seems the one person who has kept him in check all these years is his fearsome wife Sharon.


    Rest of riderThree oxygens tanks available and the doctor must be able to administer a B-12 shot. Also, plenty of fire extinguishers. (Natch.)

  • Van Halen 9 of 10
    van halen

    Crazy request: No brown M&Ms


    Now my question is what have they got against the brown ones?? What did they think when the blue ones came along, eh? So why did these guys, some of the biggest partiers of the '80s, want to make sure there were no brown M&Ms in their candy dishes? Turns out it was all to make sure that every other request on their rider was followed. Clever, eh? Not just a pretty face that Dave Lee Roth!   


    Rest of rider: Breakfast — should be hot and cooked, and it will feature four cases of soda, four gallons of milk, two gallons of chocolate milk, two dozen English muffins, two dozen raisin muffins, three loaves of whole-wheat bread, one dozen hard-boiled eggs, assorted cereals, and more. Two cases of beer, with two more of those cases given to producer's stage manager at 7PM. Those boys gotta keep up their strength. 


    Photo Credit: Amazon 

  • Lil Wayne 10 of 10
    Lil Wayne hits the stage with CeLo Green at the Highland Center

    Crazy request: A private jet. As you do. 


    Father of four, rapper extraordinaire, platinum-selling, New Orleans homie, Lil Wayne doesn't do public transportation — clearly. Interestingly, Lil Wayne passed Elvis as the male with the most entries on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with 109 songs!


    Rest of riderPolice escort, five-star hotel accommodations, Gatorade, vodka, Red Bull energy drinks.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News, except where indicated

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