The Ladies of IMOMSOHARD Hilariously Nail Just How Much Moms Talk About Poop

You’ll have to excuse me, I’ve just wiped tears and saliva off my face from laughing so damn hard at the latest installment from my favorite funny ladies of IMOMSOHARD. So far, they’ve tackled the ridiculous pressures of women’s bathing suits, the hellish torture of changing a diaper mid-flight, and the many joys of dealing with body hair. But this week, they’re boldly going where they’ve never gone before, and omygawd, you guys — it is HILARIOUS.

Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, the sidesplitting duo behind IMOMSOHARD, are going viral once again with their in-your-face perspective on an often taboo subject — for everyone who isn’t a parent, anyway.

I’m talking about poop. And not just kid poop, but really everybody’s poop.

Now, I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but seriously, just do yourself a favor and go watch it, because it is so hard not to mention the highlights here. Like when Jen astutely points out that, “Before you have kids you don’t want to talk about poop, it doesn’t feel cool to talk about poop. And then literally right after you have kids it becomes the only thing you talk about. You forgot that there was anything taboo there, to begin with.”

Oh man, so much truth there.

Jen goes on to explain how poop becomes the first topic of discussion in her house pretty much daily, saying, “I start my day with these words: ‘Finn, buddy, you gotta flush!'”

It was that line right there that had me nodding my head in vigorous agreement. My eldest son (who coincidently, is also named Finn) has never flushed once without a lecture. And what’s up with using a forest’s worth of freakin’ toilet paper? What is he wiping back there, anyway?!

When moms aren’t busy asking their kids about poop or bickering with their husband’s about poop-related matters, they are most certainly letting the subject be known in public. Or at work, as Kristin hilariously explains. Because now that you’re a parent, you’re totally desensitized to all things poop.

“Yeah, you’ll be talking to a coworker and be like, ‘Hey, did that Thai food we have yesterday give you the sh*ts?'” she quips. “They’re horrified, but you’re like, WHAT??”

And you know those funny memes about not being able to pee alone? Well, these moms take it a step further by describing —  IN DETAIL — how they cannot poop alone to save their lives. In fact, they’ve had to learn how to multitask while pooping.

“As a mom, I have sat on a toilet while pooping,” Kristen admits. “I have had to fix a toy, I’ve had to get a straw in a juice box, I’ve had to assemble train track. Like, you don’t just get a break to do it.”

OMG this had me rolling. Real talk: I once sat on the toilet while doing my business and tried to talk my kid through how to take a selfie so that he could show his dad a snazzy picture of his missing tooth. (I mean … WTH, kids?!)

But the most golden part of this whole video comes at the very end. I’m not gonna ruin anything for you, but let me just say it has something to do with the sounds of trumpets and oboes and … your lady bits.


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