The Internet’s Funniest Moms Sound Off on the Ridiculous Pressures of Bathing Suit Season

Y’all know it’s beach body season, right? Moms everywhere are being shown ads on Facebook for skimpy bikinis and diet fads to lose that baby weight and hit the beach with toned abs and buns of steel, amiright? **record scratch** Oh wait, except that we live in the real world, where the average mom is somewhere in the neighborhood of a size 12 and has more soft spots than toned and tight spots.

Well, to combat the ridiculous body shaming that women go through every single beach season, the hilarious and brilliant comedy duo Kristen Hensley and Jen Smedley (otherwise known as #IMOMSOHARD) have teamed up to flip the script and shame the shamers, with their absolutely hysterical take on how stupid the battle for the ultimate beach body is.

Their viral video, which has been viewed over 1 million times and racked up 6.3K comments (touched a nerve, did they?) starts out with our two favorite ladies dressed up in beach-friendly dude attire, as they stretch and twist while bantering in their signature snarky one-liners on the topic of how easy guys have it at the beach. Loose-fitting tees and comfy trunk shorts? Sounds like a dream.

Moments later, the queens of mom comedy switch out of their “dude clothes” and into their regular attire — this time, with a wine glass in hand. And boy, do they dish it HARD when it comes to the double standard of asking women — particularly moms who in the history of beach-going have NEVER been able to just sit and relax — to look stupidly sexy while chasing kids down with a tube of sunblock.

As the mother of three with some flab here and there myself (OK, fine, the flab is everywhere), I found this video refreshingly honest and hilarious to the core. Every year I order some cute vintage-inspired one-piece that requires feats of acrobatic achievement to get into and out of. And of course it never fits properly once I get it on. Why do I do this? Probably because I’m bombarded with messages that I need to be cute at the beach. What do I really need? A sarong to cover all that crazy up and more sun block with which to chase my kids and slather them up.

But I digress.

The best part of this video is the message it sends to both girls and women that these so-called beauty standards that have been shoved down our throats for years are … well, dumb.

At the end of the video, in a rather poignant moment that comes sandwiched between punchlines, we hear one of the moms say, “I want my daughter to love her life and to love herself and she’s not gonna do it because I tell her to do, she’s gonna do it because I teach her to.”

AMEN, sister.

That line comes second only to this little gem at the end, which basically sums up how many of us women REALLY feel about bathing suit season: “I really want a revenge body, but I’ll take a f**king attitude.”

Me too. In fact, forget the dumb vintage-inspired one-piece. This year, I plan to rock my mom suit with a sarong, a wide-brimmed hat, way too much sunscreen, and a trashy novel in both hands. Beach season, TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME.

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