The IMomSoHard Ladies Reenact the Hellish Torture of Changing a Diaper Mid-Flight

In my seven years of motherhood, I’ve changed diapers in some pretty “interesting” places — from a gas station bathroom to a sand-covered beach towel, and once even on my own lap while sitting on the floor, because the DMV is truly the fifth level of hell. But by far, is there no worse place to change a baby than in an airplane bathroom. Because tending to a diaper blowout in a cramped, unforgiving, and hellishly tiny bathroom while a line forms outside the door is basically the stuff of parenting nightmares.

Just ask the hilarious comedy duo Kristen Hensley and Jen Smedley (otherwise known as #IMOMSOHARD), who are serving up some more comedic brilliance in their latest viral video for Awestruck. A few weeks ago, these funny ladies (and real-life besties) sounded off on the ridiculous pressures of bathing suit season. But this week, they’re back to get real about what traveling with kids is really like — and I swear it will have you in tears laughing. TEARS.

“I have a formula,” Hensley begins. “Your youngest has to be 5 before there is an expectation of travel, so everybody just has to come to you.”

Can I hear a collective HELL YASSS?! I would love it so hard if this could be a universal law, because traveling with kids is a virtual logistical nightmare. I mean, really, in what other situation would anyone be asked to wipe another person’s derriere at 10,000 feet? Plus, there’s never enough stuff to distract a small child long enough to sit quietly for more than 23 seconds. A five-hour flight will suddenly feel like a five-day journey into the land of whatthehellwasIthinking?

In the video, which has wracked up an impressive 952k views on Facebook so far, we see the pair reenact changing a baby’s diaper mid-flight, as Smedley climbs up onto a kitchen counter and lays on her back, pretending to be Hensley’s baby. That’s right — they literally demo the chaos that ensues when a mom is faced with a soiled diaper plus a wiggly, fussy baby on an aircraft. And lemme just tell you, it ain’t pretty, but they sure do make it look hilarious.

Smedley’s worst-ever diaper changing experience?

“I had to change a diaper on a seat in the waiting area at the LaGuardia Airport cause it was cleaner than the baby changing station … ” she shares.

“Which is, by the way, the size of a book!” Hensley interjects. “Do they not measure babies?!”

(She has a real point there.)

While Smedley rolls around on her back on a kitchen counter, Hensley hilariously tries to control the matter by shouting out things like “SIT STILL!” and “ROGUE WEINER! ROGUE WEINER!” Together, they flail and gesture at the ridiculousness that is traveling with kids, making you laugh so hard you’ll almost forget how truly TERRIBLE it is.

“Just don’t travel with your kids!” Hensley concludes at the end of the clip. “It’s the greatest thing in the world. They come to you.”

Right on, sister. Sounds like the best plan to me.

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