Is it Okay For a Mom to be Partying Hard?

Another week, and another set of photos in the tabloids of Kate Moss looking refreshed after a night on the tiles. Whether or not the paps wait until Kate’s eyes are almost closed, to get the shot where she looks like she hit the bar too much, no matter. It still shows that this Mom of one is out on the town several times a week, sometimes until the wee hours of the morning. Is this wrong? Should Kate be tucked up at home, darning name badges unto school uniforms, making packed lunches, and setting out the gym kits for her daughter? Or is it okay that she’s out and about, letting her hair down and having fun with her new husband?

Kate is not alone. As the photos below attest – many other famous women like to burn the candle at both ends. They may have children who will be getting up at the crack of dawn, but this doesn’t seem to daunt them. They’re still painting the town red, and not ashamed of it.

And why should they be? You could argue that celebrity Dads might be photographed hitting the hot spots every night of the week, and no one will blink an eye at this. People will see the photos and think, “There’s so and so, having a great time with his buddies. He rocks!” They won’t judge them in the same way that they’d judge a woman.

Those that do judge – is it just a case of good, old-fashioned jealousy? Wouldn’t we all be dancing on tables and knocking back drinks, if we had nannies getting up with our kids and personal assistants taking care of all the organization that comes with children (especially those at school)? Or do we judge them because to see those women staggering out of bars, wobbling on their uber expensive shoes, makes us think they are lesser mothers for doing so? Do we expect women to hang up their party heels as soon as they give birth, and settle down to a life of domesticity? That to still act like we did in our single days, makes us less responsible, less mature, less capable?

And how much is too much partying? More than one night a week? Or any night, if you end up staggering around the place, needing help home? Is the amount of nights out we object to, or the state women get themselves in?

I for one, will hold my hands up and say that just because I am a Mom, it doesn’t mean I’ve given up wanting to cut loose and have some fun with my girlfriends. That usually involves a drink or two. Maybe 3. (Blame the Irish in me!) Yes, I have to get up with 2 kids, hold down 2 jobs, and keep a household ticking over with no grandparents/siblings/in-laws nearby to help. But still, on occasion I need to let my hair down and feel like ME again. Does that make me a bad mother? Well, I don’t fall out of nightclubs ever, let alone every week. But if I had nannies on tap and assistants and chefs and housekeepers, would I maybe devote more time to myself? I sure as heck would. Wouldn’t you?

Of course women have to adapt after having children — we have other people we are now responsible for, and for that reason alone, we need to (wo)man up and put our children first. Maybe that is the biggest difference between us and celeb moms: with their sheltered lives and access to unlimited help – they never have to grow up at all…

  • Kate Moss – looks like she had fun! 1 of 8
    Kate Moss seen with husband Jamie Hince and musician Noel Gallagher, leaving Cafe De Paris at 5:18am in London

    Kate Moss leaving Café de Paris in London last week, at 5:18 am in the morning....

  • Christina Aguilera, not too steady on her feet 2 of 8
    Beautiful blonde pop goddess Christina Aguilera almost takes a stumble as she trips on the curb on her way to a party at the Sunset Marquis in Los Angeles

    Christina being supported by her boyfriend Matthew Rutler after a night out in LA.  Looks like Christina is a bit wobbly in her Louboutins...

  • Pamela Anderson – think she needs her bed! 3 of 8
    Pamela Anderson looks a bit worse for wear as she leaves Guys & Dolls nightclub with a mystery man

    After Pamela Anderson spent the night at Guys and Dolls nightclub in LA she was helped into her cab, looking a wee bit worse for the wear. She manages to still look great in her sprayed on dress though!

  • Mossy again… 4 of 8
    Kate Moss looks a bit worse for wear as she leaves Stella McCartney's 2012 London Fashion Week party with husband Jamie Hince

    As Mossy left Stella McCartney's London Fashion Week party last year in Mayfair, London, she needed a wee bit of support negotiating the pesky steps.

  • Britney Spears out in LA 5 of 8
    Britney Spears looks like she's had a good night out as her "cousin" Alli Sims drives her home from Winston's nightclub

    Britney has sure had a good time, as she is driven home from Winston's nightclub in LA, back in 2007.

  • Courtney Love needing a helping hand 6 of 8
    Worse for wear Courtney Love is spotted being helped by her driver into the Chateau Marmont after partying at the W Magazine party in Los Angeles

    Courtney Love is helped by her driver into the Chateau Marmont after attending a W magazine party in LA, last year.

  • Kate Hudson, just a little bit tired… 7 of 8
    A tired-looking Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy leave a dinner hosted by Sir Philip and Chloe Green at 45 Park Lane Hotel in London

    Kate Hudson walking to her car after a night out in London at a dinner hosted by Sir Philip Green. Steady in those heels Kate!

  • Kate Moss and her husband Jamie Hince. Kate definitely a tad tired… 8 of 8
    Kate Moss and Jamie Hince look a little worse for wear as they are seen leaving Loulou's restaurant in Mayfair, London

    Good old Kate knows how to have fun! Here she is leaving LouLou restaurant in London last year.



All photo credits: Pacific Coast News

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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