Simon Cowell to Make His Baby Son Travel 5,000 Miles a Week

Simon Cowell and girlfriend Lauren Silverman, alongside their newborn son Eric, left their Miami hotel on Wednesday and are said to be en route to the UK. This won’t be Eric’s first flight, of course, as he was born on Valentine’s Day in New York and has already been flown by private jet to Miami, where he has resided for the past few weeks. And if daddy has anything to do with it, Eric will be racking up those air miles by flying weekly between LA and New York. Yep, that is 5,000 miles a week!

Such a journey will be necessary, Simon tells The Daily Mail, because of the joint custody arrangement that Lauren has over her older son Adam, with ex-husband Andrew Silverman. As part of the couple’s custody agreement, Adam must remain a resident in New York to be close to his father. Just to complicate things further, Cowell (who was once a good friend of Andrew Silverman) isn’t allowed to see Adam. So, if Lauren is trying to mother two sons, one of whom is in New York, while Cowell remains in LA (no doubt for work reasons), then how will it all be possible?

Cowell plans for newborn Eric to fly 2,448 miles each way every week with Lauren, from New York to Los Angeles, so he can be with him — no doubt in a private plane. However, this is still incredibly exhausting for both mother and child — it’s a 6-hour flight, after all! 

Isn’t this incredibly selfish of Cowell? Why couldn’t he just move back to New York? I speak as a mother who traveled (not by private jet sadly) weekly by plane, from London to Belfast with a 4-month-old baby. It was only a one-hour flight, which is nothing normally, but it felt a heck of a lot longer when I was trying to settle a fractious baby whose ears were hurting during take off and landing. So why did I put myself through this for four months? Simply because of work. I was given the chance to host my own live late night discussion show in Ireland and it was too good an opportunity to miss. Plus I only worked two days a week and got to spend the rest of the time with my son. But the downside was was the traveling.

No matter how many nannies and assistants Cowell could employ to make Lauren’s journey that bit easier, as a mother, Lauren will no doubt want to double-check things. It will always come down to you as a mom to make sure your baby is okay; you know your baby better than anyone. Plus, the one thing that baby’s need most? Routine! Babies feel secure and settled when then get into a feeding/sleeping routine. How will this be possible if the infant is constantly straddling two time zones and being whisked from one side of the US to the other? The constant traveling and upheaval will surely unsettle little Eric and his sleeping times.

Or maybe this is the only way Cowell can see his son, so he is certain it will be worth it? This strikes me as the opinion of a man who hasn’t had much experience of babies and traveling with them! No matter your wealth, the comforts you can provide, the many pairs of helping hands and the expensive toys and nurseries — what a baby needs most is familiarity, love, and structure.

No one will convince me that a 12-hour weekly round trip with a mother trying to parent on both sides of America is a good idea. What do you think?

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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