Is Suri Cruise a “Brat”?

Suri Cruise has lived a life that most children could never imagine. Two celebrity parents, a jet set lifestyle, and a sea of photographers has been her normal since the day she was born. Yesterday Suri and her mother, actress Katie Holmes, were attempting to get into their awaiting vehicle in Manhattan, when a swarm of paparazzi followed their every move. Suri was over it. Seriously over it.

As soon as Suri sees the swarm of paparazzi she yells, “Stop!” and continues walking, obviously annoyed. Katie, in sunglasses, smiles and waves, and holds on tightly to Suri’s hand. A fan asks Katie for her autograph and Suri yells, “We are trying to get to the car!

The photographers continue to ask Katie to stop and sign items, one snaps, “don’t annoy your fans,” but Katie, Suri, and her friend forge ahead towards the car. As Suri attempts to reach the door to the car she yells out to the paparazzi, “get out of the way!”

What happens next has sparked some controversy. A paparazzi, obviously displeased with not getting the images he was after, yells to Suri, “Bye Suri, you little brat!

Immediately you can hear another photographer chastise the offender with, “whoa, whoa, whoa!” He then shames the photographer for speaking to a child in such a way.

When I first watched the video I could not comprehend why someone would be so obnoxious to a celebrity, since the paparazzi obviously want to remain in good standing with them. Not that the paps are always overly concerned with manners, but usually they do try to maintain some sort of symbiotic relationship with the stars they follow.

The second time I watched the video I figured it out. Suri has reached the age where she is no longer an innocent and silent child. She is a kid with vocal opinions. The scene started to remind me of something that sometimes happens to older girls and women when we reject a cat-call or wolf whistle. The response is then a complete turnaround from, “you are so beautiful” to something vulgar or obscene. That’s just what this photographer did to Suri. When she didn’t give him what he wanted she was called a brat.

Perhaps people feel they can take liberties with Suri because in addition to an already public persona, she also is the namesake for one of the most popular celebrity parody websites ever. Suri’s Burn Book is a satirical blog created by Allie Hagan in 2011 as a way to chronicle the life of Hollywood offspring as seen through the eyes of Suri Cruise.

Allie recently wrote, “Up until this summer, it had been hard not to see Suri as an indulged prima donna, doted on by her extremely privileged family and the media alike. It’s what made her the obvious choice when I decided to write my blog about celebrity children from the perspective of one of their own. But for every photo of her rolling her eyes at her mom, there are many more of them smiling together.”

Is Suri a brat? Maybe? But not in this particular moment with the paparazzi. I think she is being outspoken and clear. I think it is good she is able to speak up. She is SEVEN!

Image Credit: PR Photos

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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