This 3-Year-Old Has Some Hard-Hitting Questions About Easter — and We Can’t Stop Laughing

Ever try to explain something to your kid that you know doesn’t make sense?

A recent video by Scottish comedian Mark Nelson and his 3-year-old daughter perfectly captures the struggle — while cracking us up at the same time. In the video, little Isla pushes her dad with some hard-hitting questions about Easter.

“I just don’t understand what it’s all about. Why do you give me chocolate?,” Isla asks. “When I ask for chocolate, Mum says, ‘No no no, not good for you.’ But sometimes you give me more chocolate [than] I can eat!”

“Like when?” asks Mark.

“Easter, Halloween, Christmas, my birthday … ”

She’s got a point there.

From there, the two of them have an adorable exchange where Isla seems determined to figure out the relationship between Jesus and the Easter Bunny.

“Are Easter Bunny and Jesus best pals? Is Easter Bunny in the Bible?”

Errr …

And finally, there’s the whole Easter egg thing.

“You know what I really don’t get?” says Isla. “Bunnies don’t even lay eggs.”

Point: Isla.

Now, in case you were wondering — yes, the clip was scripted. Kind of. Mark explains to Babble:

“The way we do it is I’ll write a basic script and then we just kind of play around with it. Sometimes Isla will come out with things that are a lot funnier than what I’ve originally written. She’s started directing herself now, which is hilarious.”

The clip was originally created for BBC Scotland but Mark was still surprised by how viral this video has gone.

“As I’m a stand up comedian and my job mostly involves evening work, I have the huge joy of being around Isla and her wee brother all day,” says Mark. “We have always had a great laugh together. When BBC said they were launching a platform called Short Stuff, we approached them with the idea and they loved it. We never expected it to get as big as it has become.”

And indeed, it has become huge. The video has received over 29 million views on Facebook in just two days.

So what’s next for this father-daughter comedic team? Well, more videos for one.

“We are hoping to do a lot more. We’ve done other topical ones in the past dealing with world news. There are certainly plenty of things going on in the world just now for us to discuss.”

We cannot wait. To see more of Mark and Isla, you can check out their Facebook page, News at 3. Mark also has a new standup show called Irreverence.

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