This 2-Year-Old Looks Exactly Like a Tiny Ed Sheeran

Two-year-old Isla Walton from the UK has absolutely blown our minds with how much she looks like singer Ed Sheeran. Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny — and kind of hysterical.

Image source: Stacey Walton

Her aunt, Stacey Walton, originally shared the image on Facebook where it quickly went viral.

“When she was just over a year old,” Walton tells Babble, “I started calling her baby Sheeran because of her hair, but once that picture was taken everyone started saying she looks exactly like him. It’s her facial expression and the hair in that picture that truly made a lot of people comment.”

We’ve seen baby-celebrity doppelgängers before, but none quite like this. Baby Isla could easily pass as a member of the Sheeran family. Their facial features are so similar — not to mention that fiery red hair.

Image source: Stacey Walton

As it turns out, Isla (like most of the world) is a big fan of the musician. “She listens to his most recent songs. She likes ‘Shape of You,’ she has a dance but hasn’t learned the words just yet,” says Walton.

After a year spent unplugged and traveling the world, Sheeran is seemingly everywhere recently as he promotes his recent album “Divide,” which is perhaps why Isla is so aware of her famous twin.

Image source: Stacey Walton

“She looks at the TV when he’s on and says ‘Sheeran!’ so she definitely knows who he is,” explains Walton. We can only hope that these two get to meet each other someday, creating the greatest meme the Internet will have ever seen!

Now, what do Isla’s parents think about all of this? “Never in a million years did they think it would get this big. They are very proud of her and like all the nice comments from people,” says Walton.

Image source: Stacey Walton

Thanks for the laugh, Isla! Keep at it and you’ll be belting out songs like your twin in no time!

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