This Adorable Kitten Photo Shoot Will Make Your Heart Burst

There are few things the Internet loves more than seeing adorable photos of kittens and tiny sleeping babies — together, or on their own. This has been proven a million times over.

But adorable photos of kittens dressed up like tiny sleeping babies? STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

Image Source: Jessica M Thomas Photography

Jessica M. Thomas knows this one all too well. The Nova Scotia-based photographer recently shot her very first newborn kitten photo shoot with insanely adorable results, and cat ladies everywhere (AKA ME) are freaking out.

Thomas tells Babble that she specializes in newborn photography (you know, the human kind), but after her best friend got a 6-week-old baby kitten named Rosie a few months ago, they joked that maybe they should do a newborn session in her honor. Not long after, that’s just what they did.

Image Source: Jessica M Thomas Photography

“This was my first time photographing a kitten,” Thomas says. “I’ve done a few older puppies before, but they were much more awake because of their age.”

Image Source: Jessica M Thomas Photography

Thomas wasn’t sure what to expect, but says that Rosie “slept like a dream,” which helped the session run smoothly.

“Newborn babies tend to take much longer [to photograph], because we need to take breaks for changing, feeding, and soothing,” Thomas shares. Luckily though, the shoot was so quick that there were no diaper changes (or trips to the litter box) needed.

She also didn’t fuss when it came to swaddling her in muslin wraps or even placing adorable floral headbands over her ears.

“Because Rosie was so sleepy, she didn’t mind me wrapping her at all,” says Thomas. “If she would open her eyes, I would pull a few tricks from my newborn babies and rock and make shushing sounds.”

Image Source: Jessica M Thomas Photography

So far, Thomas says the response to the photos has been amazing, and that “everyone seems to be loving it.”

And how could you not? I mean, would you just look at that sweet face …

Image Source: Jessica M Thomas Photography

And those feets!

Image Source: Jessica M Thomas Photography

OMG my tender, cat lady heart almost can’t take it.

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