This Family Took Their Holiday Photos in Starbucks, and Honestly, We’re Kind of Jealous

This year, Christmas is a little more special than usual at my house, because it’s my last child’s very first Christmas. So naturally, that means I’ve spent about a bajillion hours on Pinterest so far, pinning hundreds of ideas for the perfect family holiday card. I want something that’s classic, fun, and totally unique … but I just can’t seem to make up my mind. And it seems one very clever (and funny) blogger knows my struggle all too well.

Jessica McDonald from The Healthy Mouse tells Babble that she’s always trying to come up with a clever new take on the traditional holiday card.

“Last year for our holiday cards, we took photos of the three of us baking cookies together in our kitchen at home (since I’m always baking),” she shares.

Pretty cute, right? Except this year, McDonald wanted to kick things up a notch.

“I wanted to do something that felt more like our personalities than a staged photo with a Christmas background,” she explains. “I loved what we did last year so much, I wanted to think of what to do for photos this year that also represented our personalities and dynamic as a family.”

And y’all, let me tell you — what she came up with is SO MUCH BETTER than baking cookies.

Image Source: Everbranch Photography

McDonald and her family looked around their normal routines to find inspiration for a holiday card that truly shows their fun-loving family spirit.

“We of course love going to exciting places like Disneyland and other travels,” McDonald tells Babble, “but on a more everyday basis, we love spending time together at Starbucks: Sharing a sweet treat, getting our favorite iced coffee (we even drink iced coffee in snowy weather!).

That’s right; Starbucks. The McDonald fam shot their holiday card inside their local Starbucks of all places, and I’m actually kind of jealous I didn’t think of this first, because the resulting photos were gorgeous.

Image Source: Everbranch Photography

“Some of my favorite family moments are our simple times taking a break from life and sitting down at a cozy corner of Starbucks enjoying hugs, good conversation, and each other’s company,” McDonald says. “It’s our favorite way to treat ourselves in a simple way, and gives us a place to take a moment to slow down during our busy lives. I thought. ‘What better place to take Christmas photos than a place where we create simple yet meaningful family moments?’”

Image Source: Everbranch Photography

McDonald and her family sent the annual holiday cards to their close friends and family, but also made sure to post them to Facebook where (no surprise) they got a pretty positive reaction.

“People have been loving them!” McDonald shares. “They like the raw feel to them, but probably the comment that I get the most is ‘This is so YOU’. Everyone knows I love spending time with a coffee in hand at Starbucks!”

Image Source: Everbranch Photography

And just in case you’re wondering what her go-to drink order is (I know I was), it turns out, she’s a pretty simply girl: “I love just black iced coffee!” she shares. “Starbucks has the best. My husband gets the same drink, but with a splash of milk. Our favorite treat at Starbucks is banana bread!”

Image Source: Everbranch Photography

In the end, their Christmas card came out looking pretty stellar — complete with its own “Starbucks” family logo:

Image Source: Everbranch Photography

I don’t know about you, but I’m already working on convincing my husband to try this with our fam next year …

Image Source: Everbranch Photography
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