Jessica Simpson is Still Pregnant! How is that possible?

Pregnant Jessica Simpson makes her way through LAX with fiance Eric Johnson and their baby daughter Maxwell in Los AngelesFirst of all, let me say that I sympathize. It is not easy being pregnant and as someone who carried twins, I know how big and surreal your stomach can get — not to mention the other parts of you. But every time I see a photo of Jessica Simpson with her belly so painfully stretched out, I cannot believe the girl is still carrying that baby!

If this sounds familiar it’s because it was just over a year ago that we were having the same fretful conversation while waiting and waiting and waiting for baby Maxwell to arrive.

The Twitterverse was filled with baby speculation. Even celebrities voiced their concern. Katy Perry tweeted, “Has Jessica Simpson had that baby yet?! I’m getting anxious.” Chelsea Handler also shared her anxiety. “How has Jessica Simpson not given birth to this baby?” she Tweeted, “I’m getting frightened.”

Why does it seem like Jessica’s pregnancies take longer than everyone else’s?

I have a theory. And it has nothing to do with her size. The woman is teeny tiny, like 5’2″ with her platform heels on when she’s not carrying a baby, and sometimes small people get big when they’re growing a human.

It has everything to do with the fact that we’ve all been watching her — not just her, all celebs —  like hawks! We’re speculating. Zeroing in on their mid sections and proclaiming that we know something’s up when we probably don’t. We’re pressing the issue and looking for admission that our hunch is correct way earlier that we’d probably feel comfortable announcing our own pregnancies to our own friends.

So if you count all the is-she-isn’t-she chatter, Jessica basically has been pregnant for a year!

Add to that the fact that we know so much about her pregnancies. Her cravings. Her nursery decor. Her shower themes. Her kids’ gender — even their names. If we are to believe the reports, this guy’s name is going to be… Ace.

Mind you I am totally interested in all of it. To me, Simpson is a fascinating character. She’s made brave choices. She came back from a flailing singing career with a billion dollar fashion empire. She recovered from her very public divorce and high-profile breakups (remember Tony Romo?) with a relaxed and happy relationship. At least it looks that way. She made a strength out of her weakness by getting Weight Watchers to pay her an estimated $3 million to slim down after months of buttered Pop Tarts. And now with baby #2, she’s proved that she can do it all again.

As we count the days for Maxwell’s little bro to arrive, I hope Jessica’s keeping her feet up and taking her time.


Image courtesy of Pacific Coast News

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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