This Adorable Baby Is Wearing a Fake Wig of Hair Rollers, and We Cannot Handle the Cute

Let’s just get a few things straight: Sleeping babies = cute. Sleeping babies dressed up in adorable outfits = even cuter. Sleeping babies dressed up in adorable outfits and while wearing a pretend wig of hair rollers = OMG STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

A photo by New Jersey-based photographer Jessie Marrero is taking the Internet by storm this week for precisely that reason — because with just one glance, I promise it will instantly melt your heart. The photo features an 8-day-old baby named Camila, who was captured by Marrero while looking like someone’s Great Aunt Edna fell asleep in the local salon.


Image Source: Jessie Marrero Photography

The faux wig. The string of pearls. The beauty mags strewn about. It’s all adorable. And if you’re wondering what that little pink thing is sitting next to her — yes, it’s a tiny felt hairdryer. Marrero says she purchased it online and had it in her studio for weeks; but when baby Camila showed up, she knew she had her roller baby.

“I put together the scene in maybe 10 minutes,” Marrero tells Babble. “[I] ran to a nearby salon for the magazines, and baby Camila did exactly what I needed her to do.”

Marrero even posted some behind-the-scenes footage of the sleeping babe during the shoot on August 1, which has since been shared over 100K times.

Marrero has been a newborn photographer for 8 years now, and told Moneyish last week that she’s become a seasoned pro at learning how to work around their nap schedules. (She even calls herself a “baby whisperer.”) And if you’re looking for more cuteness, just a quick scroll through her Instagram account will show you plenty more where that came from:

“I read my babies,” Marrero told Moneyish, “and I know who’s going to do what — pose in a dreamcatcher, or curl up in a baby bed with dried flowers in their hair, whatever speaks to me.”

She’s clearly got a knack for this thing!

Marrero tells Babble that she was shocked by how viral the photo shoot has gone in just a few short weeks, but also “humbled by all the love.”

“It’s been quite a ride!” she shares.

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