Jim Morrison Explains Why Fat is Beautiful

There’s a lot of talk these days about girls, women, and body image. Women are on diets and running marathons while at the same time they are working hard to teach their daughters to feel good about themselves, whatever size they are.

Our obsession with size and weight is tricky.

But does it have to be? Jim Morrison loved food and thought fat was beautiful. Blank on Blank unearthed and animated this 1969 interview with the Lizard King himself.

Like a lot of us, Jim Morrison gained weight in college while trying to get the most out of his Cafeteria Meal Card. He got up to 185 lbs eating mostly mashed potatoes. How did he feel about his weight gain?

“Like a tank,” in a good  way! Watch the whole interview to find out why Jim Morrison thinks “fat is beautiful.” Being fat made him feel like a giant, powerful mammal. His views on eating and body image are quite refreshing.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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