Jimmy Kimmel Shares the Witty Comment His 4-Year-Old Made After Partygoers Destroy Piñata

Planning a kid’s birthday party these days is no joke, and not even celebrities are immune to mishaps. Just ask Jimmy Kimmel. The host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently shared a hilarious story during his monologue that illustrates how quickly trouble can occur — even with something as simple as a piñata.

Kimmel said that his daughter Jane requested a Paw Patrol-themed party for her fourth birthday.

“This is a show about Canadian dogs who operate very expensive machinery to help humans who can’t seem to do anything for themselves,” he joked.

As part of the celebration, they purchased a Paw Patrol piñata. According to Kimmel, who quipped that piñatas have a special way of “bringing out the worst in children in every possible way,” this particular piñata featured Jane’s favorite Paw Patrol character, Chase, as well as the rest of the crew.

“It was a terrible piñata,” Kimmel explained. “It wasn’t even shaped like anything. Just a rectangle with four dogs on it.”

Kimmel says that during the party, the kids went at the piñata with a big stick like it was “Black Friday for kids.” However, once everything settled down and the kids had collected the candy, he said his wife noticed Jane staring at what remained of the piñata after it had been “assaulted and beaten to a pulp.”

“Ryder and his team of pups are destroyed,” Kimmel described.

This is when, heartbreakingly, his daughter Jane exclaimed: “I can’t believe we beat up Chase.”

Ouch! Not exactly the ending they had hoped for, no doubt.

Kimmel said that Jane then lamented (and this part will wreck you): “I mean, look at those guys. They never saw it coming.”

Bless her heart!

Paw Patrol must be the hot ticket this year, because my son had a Paw Patrol-themed birthday for his third birthday party as well. I remember looking at the Paw Patrol piñatas at the store, and ultimately deciding that they were overpriced. Now, I’m feeling relieved that we didn’t follow through! Although, I’m quite sure that my aggressive son would not have had the same reaction to the destruction as little Jane.

When it comes to Kimmel’s hilarious and heartwarming story, this actually isn’t the first time his audience has been privy to Jane’s tender heart.

Last Halloween, Kimmel pulled his infamous “Sorry, I ate all your Halloween candy” prank on his unsuspecting daughter, and she handled it like a champ.

In fact, Kimmel had to press his young daughter in order to get more of a reaction than the “uh oh!” she initially uttered. It wasn’t until Jane remembered the Swedish Fish that had been in her Halloween bag that she appeared to be upset. I mean, who could look past someone eating your Swedish Fish? When I was a kid, I ate so many in one day that I made myself physically ill!

At least this time around, Jane got to keep all her candy from the “late” Paw Patrol piñata that caused her distress, and her hilarious dad can keep us laughing with his relatable parenting tales of woe.

Happy Birthday sweet Jane!

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