Jimmy Kimmel Finally Pulled His Infamous Halloween Prank on His Own Kid

Every October 31st for the last six years, Jimmy Kimmel has issued a call to action among parents everywhere, as part of his annual Halloween Candy Prank: Tell your kids that you ate all their candy while they slept — and get their reaction on camera.

Of course, only a truly mean parent would actually eat all the loot, which is what makes this prank so damn funny. But every year, parents keep playing along and kids keep freaking out, which sends Jimmy Kimmel (along with the rest of us) into fits of laughter.

This year, though, Kimmel finally got to play along himself. On the November 1 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Channing Tatum (who subbing for Jimmy for the night) played a clip of the comedian pulling the prank on his own daughter. And as you might imagine, it was truly enjoyable.

In the clip, a clearly exhausted (and maybe even still half-asleep) Kimmel sits at the kitchen table with his 4-year-old daughter Jane, and pulls out a bright orange Halloween candy bag that was presumably full the night before. Then, as his adorable daughter looks up at him with big doe eyes, he proceeds to tell her that Daddy and Mommy ate all of her candy the night before — OOPS!

Jane, who’s obviously more of a trooper than I would have been after hearing this news, lets out a quick gasp. “Uh oh!” she says, before telling her dad that it’s okay, because there was one piece left. Kimmel doesn’t let it go there, though, and continues to explain the seriousness of the situation to her. (You know, like the fact that all of the candy she had painstakingly trick-or-treated for is literally GONE.) It’s only then that Jane realizes that her beloved Swedish Fish were among the missing loot (and girl, I hear you; I would have shed a tear over those red beauties too!). Kimmel eventually comes clean, but their adorable exchange is more than worth a watch.

Channing Tatum also played the Halloween Candy Prank on his adorable daughter, Eve, and let’s just say it did NOT go over as well. In fact, the prank brought her to tears. (Poor kiddo!)

After showing little Eve that her once-filled candy basket was now totally empty, the 4-year-old walks over to her mom, Jenna Dewan (who was filming the whole thing) and buries her head in her mom’s legs.

“I was so hungry,” Tatum tries to explain, with such dead-pan delivery that it’s really hard not to literally LOL at the screen. Not being able to keep up with his antics for very long though, Tatum finally comes clean to his daughter, who promptly tells him that his trick was NOT very nice.

I don’t know that I would ever have the nerve to pull this prank on my kids, because they would likely never forgive me. I mean, they basically treat their candy like buried treasure and spend all of November calculating how much they have left. Even so, the videos are hilarious and the kids always seem to come out of the prank just a wee bit wiser and perhaps even cuter.

Until next year, Jimmy Kimmel.

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