Jimmy Kimmel Asked Kids If N.Y. or L.A. Is Better, and Their Answers Were Brutally Honest

We all know that when you want to know the truth about something, you can always ask a kid. So, to fan the flames of the New York vs. Los Angeles rivalry that’s been heating up lately, Jimmy Kimmel Live took to the streets of both cities to ask kids what they really think about the other — and NONE of them held back.

The responses ranged from hilariously cute to straight-up brutal. Like when an L.A. kid was asked who drinks the most alcohol, and he pointed the finger at New Yorkers, saying “they drink to make their feelings go away about bad things.” (Woah — L.A. vs. N.Y. aside, that’s probably the most unflinchingly honest statement I’ve heard all day.)

The kids were equally rough on Angelenos, though, throwing shade at their alleged obsession with all things “fake.” As one N.Y. kid put it: “L.A. has nothing but fake food, and in New York, it’s real food.” (Hmm ... honestly, he might have a point there.)  Another kid declared New York is simply better “because it doesn’t have the Kardashians.” Fair enough.

The kids also broke into hilarious impressions of people from each location (and while I won’t spoil it for you, let’s just say the “buttlift” one for LA had me rolling). And, just to put all future debates to rest, they unwaveringly declare who’s in charge of which city (according to one kid, God rules New York!).

This actually isn’t the first L.A. vs. New York debate that Kimmel has done. Back in 2015, he asked another group of kids a similar round of questions … and got similarly hilarious answers. Among them? Well, New York kids noted that people from Los Angeles “weren’t the brightest” and were pretty much all about plastic surgery — while a Los Angeles kid said that New Yorkers were just plain “nasty.”


Do yourself a favor and hit play on the clip above. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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