Moms Tell Jimmy Kimmel Their Worst Mother’s Day Gift Fails — and They’re Pretty Hilarious

Jimmy Kimmel is asking moms to tell the honest truth about their Mother’s Day gifts.

On Thursday, as part of his “Hide & Speak” segment, Kimmel interviewed moms on the street and asked them to share the absolute worst gifts their family has ever given them for the holiday. Concealed in hilarious masks, the moms’ identities were protected, which gave them free range to really go for it. And go for it, they did!

One mom complained that after asking for something other than chocolate on the big day, she instead received giant bags of potato chips! “And I cried and cried and cried!” she tells Kimmel.

Another mom tells the late-night talk show host that her family gave her a billy goat!

One mama reveals that her husband re-gifted last year’s Mother’s Day gift. “When the kids were small, he re-gave me the same gift from last year,” she vents to Kimmel. When asked what the gift was, the mom reluctantly says, “The kids’ teeth.”

But my all-time favorite confession? “My daughter brought home all of her laundry and gave me coupons to do her wash,” a mom sadly shares.

Kimmel playfully says that moms get terrible gifts because of the lack of present-making and gift-giving skills of kiddos and dads, alike.

“Moms get a lot of bad gifts on Mother’s Day because, well, kids are dumb and have no money,” he shares. “And dads — in general, dads aren’t as good in the gift department as moms are.”

As I watched the hilarious clip, I laughed so hard I accidentally spit out the food I was eating! Between the crazy masks and the bold revelations, this video is enough to make anyone’s Mother’s Day more enjoyable.

The thing is, if you’re a mom like me, you’ve naturally had fantasies of the “perfect” Mother’s Day. It starts with a luxurious morning of sleeping in, followed by a restaurant-worthy breakfast-in-bed, a stunning bouquet of flowers, and all-you-can-eat chocolate. The afternoon is enjoyed with a trip out for a mani and pedi or massage with your other equally pampered mommy friends. Maybe it even ends with a surprise “grown-ups only” dinner date with the spouse!

Last Mother’s Day was my first as a new mom. Like most parents with children less than a year old, my husband and I were exhausted to the bone. So it was no surprise that when I woke up with expectations of my holiday fantasies made real, the reality came up short.

My hubby left me with the kids mid-morning, saying he was going to “take a walk.” I made my own breakfast with the help of my stepkid. I nursed my then 6-month-old daughter and grumpily wondered when my husband would return from this epic walk of his. He finally came home to reveal two grocery store bags filled with a card, a bottle of Pellegrino, some cheap wine, and a bag of unpopped popcorn. As I looked at him and attempted to mask my disappointment, he smiled sheepishly and said, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

I’m imagining that you’re probably shouting to yourself, “This has happened to me too!!!”

I feel you, girl.

I used to babysit two adorable little kids, and their mom gave me the single best piece of advice for enjoying Mother’s Day. “Have zero expectations,” she said.

That doesn’t mean we should pretend to not want something special on Mother’s Day. It resonated as a humble realization for me. While I may have been raised on Cinderella and romantic comedies, the truth is that most guys require a learning curve when it comes to showering their baby mama with gifts she’ll really love.

And while my hubby has missed the mark occasionally with his gifts for me, he makes up for it in other ways. He opens doors for me. He calls me daily from work to check in. He kisses me like we’re teenagers. He cheers me on all the time. He even eats vegan food because he knows I love it.

So, I think I can give him a little slack.

But I’ll still force him to read all of this and watch the Jimmy Kimmel clip! Because if I’m being honest, I think it’s important for us mamas to speak up and just say what we want. Isn’t that what every dude has been begging us to do forever?

This Mother’s Day, if you want a kid-free day, say so. If you want tulips over roses, tell your partner. If you want fancy jewelry that doesn’t come from Target, then by all means, get real with your spouse about the kind of gifts you truly love.

Or, you could always stick a mask on and tell Jimmy Kimmel.

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