This Dad’s Reaction to the Mere Suggestion That He Should Buy a Fake Tree Is Priceless

There are two types of people in this world: Those who are on #TeamFakeTree at Christmas … and the rest of us, who haven’t lost our damn minds.

I know, I know; it’s a polarizing subject. Those that support fake trees argue that they’re cheaper in the long run, save trees from getting chopped down every year, and lower your chances of setting your house on fire this holiday season.

Those are all valid and practical points, except for the fact that they raise one very important question: HAVE YOU NO JOY AT ALL?

Real trees are beautiful. Real trees are a time-honored tradition. And real trees smell glorious AF.


At least one guy gets it. Joe Napoli, a dad of two from Ontario, California, is going viral for the hilarious way he shut down his wife this week at the mere suggestion of a fake tree this year.


Joe begins by pleading his case.

“Do you know they’re bad for the environment?” he tells his wife Marie. “The whole thing is freakin’ plastic!”

“But we reuse it a lot of times. And then we can get a Glade candle that smells like the tree,” she says,

But Joe is not having it.

“No,” he says simply, as his lips purse in silent anger. “I don’t know what’s happened to you, and I don’t know that I can’t solve it … so I’m just gonna let it go.”

The video was shared by his daughter Madison, who tweeted it out on December 16, and was sure to add that her parents did, in fact, go on to get a real tree. It’s since been retweeted over 84K times and liked more than 229K times, with Twitter users everywhere cry-laughing over its simple hilarity.

Look, adulting is hard. A lot of the joy that came along with Christmas when you were a kid has been sucked away now that you’re the person who needs to buy all the gifts, provide all the magic, and hyperventilate over the credit card bill in January.

So please, just let us have this one thing. Let us have our real tree so we can stare at it in our living rooms as we put on our fuzzy Santa socks, sip our hot cocoa, and watch four hours of Hallmark Christmas movies at a clip.

Sure, we’ll probably still curse the thing come January, when we have to drag it to the road leaving pine needles in its wake. But still. For now, it makes everything just a little bit more magical. And after a long year of ups and downs, we deserve it.

Article Posted 11 months Ago

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