Goodbye Sochi, Hello Hollywood! Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski Headed to the Oscars® Red Carpet

Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski were a smash hit commentating team in Sochi, and now they’re headed for the Oscars® red carpet.

Weir and Lipinski have a week post-Olympics to get ready to critique Academy Awards® fashion for Access Hollywood, and Weir says they are so ready.

“We already have people pulling clothes,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “We’re going to be ready. And we’re going to bring it.”

Looking at their work on the Olympics and the complaints all over social media that they should have hit primetime on NBC more often, Lipinski and Weir are off to an excellent start as the newest darlings of tag team sports commentary. Didn’t watch them? Don’t get it? Watch this short clip from their Instagram account. (Of course they have a shared Instagram account, as well as individual accounts.)

Lipinski and Weir, of “Tara and Johnny” as they are usually called, have also been as closely watched and appreciated for their fashion choices as they have for their observations about figure skating. This makes straight up fashion commentary — at the Oscars®, no less — a logical next step. Lipinski worked in broadcast and Weir appeared on reality and talk TV prior to Sochi, so they bring experience, but their work together appears to have struck a very popular nerve. Weir says they’re excited, and they’re just getting started:

“I don’t think we clearly grasped how we’ve done because we weren’t able to watch it as a broadcast. But I think for us, it was a dream. We had a lot of fun, we enjoyed each other, we found a rhythm, we found who we will be as broadcasters and we’ll only get better. I think that’s all we were expecting, and everything else is beautiful, beautiful whipped topping.”

As a lover of sporting events and awards shows, I could not be more excited about a fun, intelligent team that can handle covering both athletic and fashion competitions coming onto the scene. I can’t wait to see what they dream up for awards night.

Check out the best Sochi moments for Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski:

  • Tara and Johnny — Oscars® Red Carpet-Bound 1 of 12
  • Johnny Weir in Chanel 2 of 12

    "Today's Hair: Chanel Brooch, Flora Fresh from Sochi, Weave by @mrericalt, Styling by Mariola!"

    If we see a sudden uptick in elaborate red carpet head pieces at the Oscars®, we'll know why. 

    Image credit: Instagram, Johnny Weir

  • Tara and Johnny — Pretty in Pink 3 of 12

    NBC wanted pictures of viewers sneaking away at work to watch #TaraandJohnny — the duo's easy to remember hashtag. I was a fan of them in pink — and Tara's booties, in this ensemble. 

    Tara: Today's vibe @ElizandJames @HELMUTLANG Shoes@LKBennettLondon And of course the jewels @Cartier@CHANEL

    Image credit: Instagram, Tara Lipinski

  • Tara and Johnny Getting Ready 4 of 12

    I loved this video of Tara and Johnny getting ready, and their hashtag: #matchinglife. I have to wonder where they've been for all of mine. 

    Image credit: Instagram, Tara Lipinski


  • Johnny and Tara — the Hair 5 of 12

    I can't decide whose hair is more fabulous sometimes, Johnny's or Tara's. She can do curly or straight equally well, and of this I may be a little jealous. His is nothing like mine, so I am just free to admire, admire, admire. They're also both way into accessories. Tara said of this ensemble: "My @stelladot necklace is making me happy tonite!"

    Image credit: Instagram, Tara Lipinski

  • Johnny Weir — the Staff 6 of 12

    It's a good sign when a star appreciates the efforts of people who help him get where he's going. 

    My amazing hair and makeup artists, Diane and Mariola who helped me be pretty for Sochi! Thank you!

    Image credit: Instagram, Johnny Weir


  • Johnny and Tara — the Accessories 7 of 12

    What is better than one crown? Two. And what team can wear them the best? This month in Sochi it was Tara and Johnny. 

    Rocking Athenian crown realness for the ladies free.

    Image credit: Instagram, Tara & Johnny

  • Tara and Johnny — the Friendship 8 of 12

    One of the reasons Tara and Johnny work so well together, one supposes, is because they're tight offscreen. This shot from their shared Instagram account, Tara & Johnny, is from early in the Games, and is captioned "Another day of work in the books." 

    Image credit: Instagram, Tara and Johnny

  • Tara and Johnny — the Local Flavor 9 of 12

    When in Russia, one supposes. Tara and Johnny sent this shot out from their shared account, captioned: "We were feeling very Russian today," with Tara in that awesome hat, and Johnny in the Russian team jacket. 

    Image credit: Instagram, Tara & Johnny

  • Tara and Johnny — the Press 10 of 12

    Tara and Johnny made such a big splash together in Sochi that U.S. media was all about them. I love this shot from their shared account, because it shows how well they go together, both in personality and fantastic outfits. 

    We're so excited to go on @klgandhoda! #dreamteam

    Image credit: Instagram, Tara & Johnny

  • Tara and Johnny — the Future 11 of 12

    Skating champs. Sochi commentating stars. Oscars® fashion reporters. The future looks bright for Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir, especially now that they've found a spot together in sports and entertainment. I'll be looking for them on Sunday night, because they are — and know — fabulous. 

    Image credit: Instagram, Tara & Johnny

  • Tara and Johnny — the Skating 12 of 12

    Besides the fashion, these two know skating. Lipinski is a gold medalist and Weir a U.S. champion and two-time Games competitor.

    Image credit: Instagram, Tara Lipinski 


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