Jude Law’s Phone Was Hacked in the United States

Jude Law arrives at The Old Bailey court in order to give evidence in the hacking trial in LondonLaw enforcement in the U.S. may be interested in Jude Law’s allegations against Rupert Murdoch’s, News of the World.

During the phone-hacking trial taking place in London, Jude Law accused Murdoch’s tabloid of hacking his phone while he was filming Cold Mountain and Alfie in the United States.

Law told the court that British police showed him notebooks of a private investigator working for News of the World that had phone numbers he and his American agents were using to conduct business.

Aware of the extra attention that comes with fame, Jude Law explained that the paparazzi were not just hounding him, but seemed to be one step ahead of him — showing up in places he had only spoken of privately on his phone.

He said, “I became aware that I was also turning up at places, having arranged to go there secretly, and the media were already there, or photographers were already there.”

When tabloids publicized an angry phone conversation in 2005 between Jude Law and Daniel Craig over Craig’s affair with Law’s girlfriend, Sienna Miller, it became even more clear that someone was listening in on his phone.

As a result of the trial, Law admitted that he recently found out that his family members had been offered money in exchange for stories about his private life.

Even though it comes with the territory in terms of celebrity, Law seems to have been unaware (oblivious? naive?) about the intense interest in his life and the extent tabloids will go to in order to entice his friends and family to share information. I don’t feel sorry for him, exactly, but I feel the same disappointment he feels about these breeches of decency and privacy.

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain. Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders.

What do you think? Is “privacy” a relic of the past? Do celebrities give up their right to privacy as soon as they become famous? And how would you feel if your family members were trading details about your private life for money?

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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