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I like to cast Hollywood actresses in the roles of my friends and family. It’s a great party game in general to discuss, “who will play you in the movie version of your life?” Shirley MacLaine would be cast as my mother; Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Hathaway, Melissa MacCarthy would get top billing to play some of my friends.

As soon as I saw Sara Rue in “Less Than Perfect” in 2002, I claimed her to star “me” in my life story. She was tall enough, pale enough, red headed enough, and zany enough to be, well, me. Also? She wasn’t a toothpick. I celebrated that a plus sized actress was staring in a show on network TV. Then I watched Sara’s weight swiftly drop.

After the show ended Sara’s weight began to increase again. In December of 2009 Sara famously joined Jenny Craig as their new spokesperson on a journey to drop thirty pounds. In an interview with People, Sara discussed her yo-yo weight saying, “The reality is, I had lost a lot of weight when I was feeling really good about myself, and then my personal life fell flat. It took me a couple of years to recover.”

Happily, she did recover and she married Kevin Price, an education consultant in 2011. In February of this year, Sara announced on Twitter that she and her husband had welcomed their daughter, Talulah Rue Price, into the world.

In just over a month since the birth of her daughter Sara is already letting Hollywood know that she “isn’t on the fast-track to shed unwanted pregnancy pounds.”

Sara continues in the recent issue of Us Weekly, “I fight the conflict that I have in my own brain over that every day about baby weight and it’s the last thing you should be thinking about. Some women give birth and then two weeks later look amazing. I don’t think I’m going to be one of those women, and I’m okay with that. I just want to be a good mom, I don’t really care about having a hot bod.”

That sound you hear is moms high-fiving their computer screen in solidarity.

The norm for new Hollywood moms is to jump on the treadmill within hours of giving birth. While careers and magazine covers depend on actresses looking fit swiftly after having a baby, there is something lovely about an actress deciding not to focus on working out.

Weight in Hollywood is a heavy subject matter and so often it seems permissible to discuss the size of a woman if she is a celebrity. I believe Sara Rue is beautiful and I welcome her to motherhood!

  • Welcome to motherhood, Sara Rue! 1 of 12
    Welcome to motherhood, Sara Rue!
    image credit: LA Times
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    Sara Rue
    This is a promo shot from the Ryan Murphy created fan favorite WB show "Popular".
    Image from Yahoo TV
  • Sara Rue 3 of 12
    Sara Rue
    Sara at an event just as "Popular" series ended.
    Image Credit: PCN
  • Sara Rue 4 of 12
    Sara Rue
    From the set of "Less Than Perfect"
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    Sara Rue
    Spring of 2005
    Sara exudes confidence at a red carpet event.
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  • Sara Rue 6 of 12
    Sara Rue
    Fall of 2005
    Sara flaunts her curves in an awesome red dress.
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  • Sara Rue 7 of 12
    Sara Rue
    Fall of 2008
    Sara is in the limelight again for her work as Stephanie Barnett on "The Big Bang Theory".
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  • Sara Rue 8 of 12
    Sara Rue
    Winter of 2009
    Sara steps out at a Vegas poker event just before filming on the short lived "Eastwick" begins.
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  • Sara Rue 9 of 12
    Sara Rue
    Winter of 2011
    Sara stars in ABC Family's romantic comedy "My Future Boyfriend" the same year she gets engaged.
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  • Sara Rue 10 of 12
    Sara Rue
    Spring 2011
    Sara marries Kevin Price at the Bel Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades.
    Image Credit: PCN
  • Sara Rue 11 of 12
    Sara Rue
    Spring 2012
    Date night with Kevin!
    Image Credit: PCN
  • Sara Rue 12 of 12
    Sara Rue
    January, 2013
    A month later Sara gives birth to daughter Talulah.
    Image Credit: Us Weekly

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