Justin Bieber “Love Yourself” Parody Hilariously Nails How Gross Our Kids Truly Are

The Holderness family is back at it this week with another hilarious parody video about something all parents can relate to: the next-level grossness of their own children.

In “Clean Yourself,” Penn Holderness croons along to the tune of Justin Bieber’s infectious single “Love Yourself,” but with rewritten lyrics that seem to suggest his two kids are mini-hoarders in the making. Their rooms always harbor a subtle, yet disturbing odor; they leave unruly piles of dirty laundry in random corners of the house; and their rooms basically serve as large-scale storage units, housing everything they’ve ever come into contact with since birth inside.

None of this will shock you, of course, if you’ve ever lived under the same roof of two elementary-schoolers, which is why this skit is so truly hilarious.

A quick sampling of its lyrics:

For all the times I smelled something not right,

It’s ’cause that’s been in the toilet all night.

You’re adorable, I think we agree.

But your room, it smells like six-day-old pee.

While Penn sings — and even, at one point, rocks it out on the recorder — his wife Kim can be seen dancing behind him in that strange, yet oddly satisfying choreography style featured in the original Bieber video as they move from room to room.

It’s all pretty hilarious and spot-on. Though to be honest, the clip gives a real peek inside the Holderness Casa, and if you ask me, it’s pretty immaculate. But hey, even they apparently can’t escape the disgusting tendencies of kids. Or husbands, for that matter — because as Penn illustrates, they can be just as bad, with their penchant for ALWAYS missing the hamper and getting an insane amount of crumbs in the bed from their midnight snack.

So to anyone who’s ever found a half-eaten baloney sandwich inside their kid’s school backpack in the middle of July — or half-eaten chicken bones on the kitchen counter, compliments of their husband — this one goes out to you.

Article Posted 1 year Ago

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