Justin Timberlake Helped One Fan Reveal Her Baby’s Gender Right on Stage

If you think you’re a big Justin Timberlake fan, you might wanna slow your roll. New York mom Maddie Putrino says she’s a “huge” fan, has been to multiple concerts, and has loved him ever since his Mickey Mouse Club days.

Oh yeah, and she recently got him to be a part of her gender reveal at his concert in Albany, New York — NBD.

“I noticed that Justin is pretty interactive with his audience,” Putrino tells Babble, adding that “he’s been known for taking selfies with fans at his concerts and the Super Bowl.”

So, before heading to the concert on October 20, she made a large poster that asked the pop star a simple question: “Justin, gender reveal selfie?” Then, on a smaller piece of paper, Putrino wrote her baby’s gender in all caps, intending to hold it up herself if she was able to snap a photo with the singer.

Maddie Putrino poses with her sign for Justin Timberlake
Image Source: Maddie Putrino

If she couldn’t get a selfie with JT, Putrino says she would have still been psyched if he took a photo with the sign. But she never predicted what actually wound up happening — and it was straight-up AWESOME.

While standing in the audience, not too far from the stage, Putrino held her sign up, and quickly caught the attention of Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake spots Maddie Putrino's sign from the stage.
Image Source: Maddie Putrino

Sadly, JT wasn’t close enough for a selfie, but he did reach down to grab the slip of paper Putrino had written her baby’s gender on, and alert the rest of the audience as to what was happening.

And then …

Justin Timberlake talks to the audience while holding the gender reveal paper
Image Source: Maddie Putrino

He proceeded …

Justin Timberlake reads the piece of paper
Image Source: Maddie Putrino

To spill the beans! Before a stadium packed with thousands of excited fans.

Justin Timberlake stands on stage with a sign that reads "It's a Girl!"
Image Source: Maddie Putrino


The incredible moment, which was captured on video by Putrino’s friend and later posted to her Instagram page, revealed that the mom-to-be is having a girl — and the audience went WILD.

“I was in complete shock!” Putrino says. “I thought he was going to just take a picture with me, but he really just stopped the whole show to tell the whole audience.”


Putrino tells Babble that she’s no stranger to fun gender reveals — she threw a gender reveal party for her first child, a boy, that involved cutting into a cake to reveal blue frosting inside.

But that’s clearly child’s play compared to this one. Good luck topping it for Baby No. 3, Maddie!

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