Justin Timberlake’s Mother’s Day Tribute to Jessica Biel Is Warming Hearts Everywhere

The significance of Mother’s Day never truly sank in for me until I had children of my own. When I look at my kids (even when they’ve given the dog a haircut or painted the kitchen walls with pancake batter), my heart melts. I finally understand how much my own mother loved me as a kid and that understanding has only made us closer.

Before kids, Mother’s Day was synonymous with brunch and mimosas. I was blissfully unaware of just how hard moms worked to keep everyone alive and moving in the right direction. But Justin Timberlake sees it firsthand, as evidenced by his beautiful Mother’s Day tribute to his wife and mother on Instagram.

Timberlake wrote:

“I marvel at you. It’s so hard to put into words EVERYTHING a Mother does. And, you do it with such grace. Thank you for giving me the greatest gift and continuing to show him what it means to be a good person in the world. You make me realize how much my own Mother has done for me. #HappyMothersDay to you, my love. And, to my wonderful Mother and all the Moms all over the world: Y’all really DO RUN THIS… I bow down to you. –JT”

I KNOW, RIGHT?! Talk about a sweet note to his lucky wife and his mom. I bet he serenaded them during brunch, too! Swoon.

The Mother’s Day tribute post, which has been liked more than 642k times, features a mesmerizing image of his wife, Jessica Biel and their son walking down a beach. Fans took to the comment section to show how much they loved seeing an appreciative husband and father express his adoration, gratitude, and love of motherhood.

One commenter pointed out how great it is when a man is openly thankful for the work that women do, saying, “That was so lovely to read! It’s amazing when a guy appreciates what a woman has to do in life. Respect X”

Another commenter thanked Timberlake for helping her realize her own mother’s efforts, “You make me realize how much my own mother has done for me. How beautiful!”

Scrolling through the more than 2,500 comments, it is clear to see that many women feel like more men need to take a page from the book of JT on how to appreciate a lady. One thing if for sure, Jessica Biel is one lucky woman.

Not only do Biel and Timberlake seem to share a relationship filled with respect and fun, the example they are setting for their child is valuable. Gratitude and respect are two things that every mother deserves. Lucky for us, we get to see how they can be shown with true class and love.

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