These 3 Newborns Dressed as ‘Frozen’ Characters Will Transport You Straight to Arendelle

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Three swaddled babies are nestled side by side, each channeling Elsa, Olaf, and Sven.
Image Source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

California mom and photographer Karen Marie is known for her breathtaking photo shoots, in which she transforms sleeping newborns into iconic Disney characters at her studio, Belly Beautiful Portraits. Now, it looks like she’s worked her magic yet again — this time capturing three sleeping babies as they channel our favorite Frozen characters: Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff.

Frozen has become one of my all-time Disney favorites,” Marie tells Babble of the inspiration behind the photos. “The messages that this movie and its songs promote really resonate with me … from the bonds of sisterhood to the power of knowing and owning who you truly are.”

Kids and parents everywhere would likely all agree with that one, considering how fast Frozen made its way into our hearts when it was first released back in November 2013. (I mean, it’s been five years since it hit theaters, and yet we all still have “Let It Go” stuck in our heads!)

A sleeping baby girl is dressed as Anna, and clutches a tiny stuffed animal shaped like Olaf
Image Source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

Marie, who made most of the props and even some of the costumes herself, says she spent about a week working on both the concepts and the looks, until every detail was just right.

“The closer to the day we shoot, the faster my creative juices flow,” she says. “Creating a scene is really fulfilling to me.”

An above shot of baby Elsa who appears to be sleeping on a giant snowflake
Image Source: Belly Beautiful Portraits
A close-up of a baby dressed as Elsa touches her hands to a snowflake on her dress.
Image Source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

It certainly shows — each photo is more charming than the next.

From this sweet scene of “Kristoff” and “Anna” sleeping side by side …

Two babies sleep side by side — one dressed as Hans, the other as Anna.
Image Source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

To this aww-inspiring shot of “Anna” and “Elsa” snuggling close in a sisterly embrace.

Two newborn girls lay side-by-side in an embrace, dressed as Anna and Elsa
Image Source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

While mini-Anna and Elsa aren’t actually sisters in real life, Marie says they’re close friends. (Close friends who now share a pretty awesome bond, if you ask me.)

“All three babies [were born] within 2-3 weeks,” Marie explains, which is part of what makes them easier to photograph, since newborns tend to nap more in those early days.

A baby is seen sleeping in a hanging prop while wearing an Elsa costume.
Image Source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

“The images turn out looking so peaceful and beautiful,” she says, “but so much is happening behind the scenes. We have a full staff on board on these days, snacks prepared, coffees full and all props on point and ready. Moms are feeding and dads are being supportive and babies, on occasion, cry.”

Through it all, Marie says her team is amazing at keeping “all the balls in the air,” and the parents — who all just so happen to be Disney fans — loved the way the photos turned out.

A baby boy sleeps while wearing a Hans costume, sitting near what appears to be bales of hay.
Image Source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

Marie’s backdrops feature many of her own handmade props, and the costumes are made by Sew Trendy Accessories. She also Photoshops in other magical details — like the sparkle snowflake Elsa is sleeping on, that’s elevated to look like it’s floating in the air. She also enhances colors and adds in other special touches to give the photos extra depth.

(Not to worry, she says — that’s not a real flame near sleeping baby Kristoff!)

A close-up of sleeping hans, who lays on a bale of hay clutching a doll of Sven.
Image Source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

If her photo style looks familiar, that’s because Karen Marie has been wowing the Internet for a while now with her stunning character recreations. There was that time she turned six babies into Disney Princesses, and that other time she transformed eight babies into infamous Disney villains. Most recently, Marie recreated Mickey Mouse’s most iconic looks with eight more sleeping babes, in honor of his 90th birthday.

Honestly, we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

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