Kate Middleton Gets Candid on Baby No. 3: “William’s in Denial”

Kate and William
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I will never forget the moment I realized that I was pregnant for the third time. The symptoms were still fresh in my mind from babies number one and two; I didn’t need a pregnancy test to tell me that I was expecting another wild one. I bought a test anyway to be absolutely sure and, of course, my instincts were spot-on, as were the two pink lines.

I told my husband the big news, with tears of joy running down my face (along with my mascara) and waving the test over my head. My poor husband just stared at me with a look that said basically, “OHMYGAWD!”

Turns out, I’m not the only one who has a deer-in-the-headlights husband when it comes to pregnancy. Even Kate Middleton has been joking about her husband’s current panic over adding another royal to their growing family.

This past Tuesday, Kate was busy supporting nurses at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London where she is helping to promote nursing efforts throughout the world. While she was there, Kate met with nursing and hospital staff as well as some patients.

One patient, Jamie Parsons, whose 10-month-old was being cared for by the hospital, had the opportunity to exchange pleasantries with the royal mom. He told PEOPLE, “I was saying, ‘Congratulations, best of luck with the third one,’ [and] she said, ‘William’s in denial.’”

As the mother of three, her one-liner made me crack a smile. My husband is still freaking out, in fact — and our third child is almost one!

William need not worry, though. It has been clear as day to the rest of us that the royal couple has been handling parenting with grace under pressure. Not only are their two children — Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2 — absolutely adorable, but they are also well-behaved, given that they are still babies. And it’s easy to see why. Kate has made public statements about parenthood that are big clues to the kind of mom she must be — super chill, kind, and basically awesome.

Statements like:

“Nothing can really prepare you for you the sheer overwhelming experience of what it means to become a mother,” she once said. “It is full of complex emotions of joy, exhaustion, love, and worry, all mixed together.”

Or, this:

“Personally, becoming a mother has been such a rewarding and wonderful experience. However, at times it has also been a huge challenge. Even for me, who has support at home that most mothers do not.”

No matter how chill Kate and William may be, three babies are definitely harder than two (and triple harder than one!). But by all measures, these two are cut out for the challenges that lay ahead, even if they are officially now outnumbered.

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