Kate Middleton’s Brother Does What?

Let’s play a guessing game. Say you’re the Duchess of Cambridge’s little brother. What would be your job? I’ll give you a thousand guesses. Something British? Something dignified? “Something boring,” you’re thinking.


James Middleton, Kate’s 26-year-old little brother, prints Instagram photos onto marshmallows. He started the marshmallow-printing company,¬†Boomf,¬†after launching the successful Cake Kit Company after dropping out of college. The marshmallows are $26 for a box of 9. You can print your selfies right on them and plop them into a steaming hot mug of cocoa. Speaking of plop, the company’s name comes from the sound of running into a giant marshmallow: Boomf.

It’s a pretty weird idea. But, why not? It’s a little pricey for run-of-the-mill marshmallows, but think of the custom s’mores! The hipster wedding receptions! The Pinterest baby showers! James is even working on a giant marshmallow that is twice the size of a regular piece of paper. How cool. I’m sure George will have lots of fun tasting samples and bragging about his Uncle James, the marshmallow king.

As if Kate Middleton could be any more charming, she has Willy Wonka for a brother. The royal family just keeps getting better.

Photo via Instagram

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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