The Mom Behind “7-Up Salad” Is Back, with Peanut Butter and Velveeta Fudge

velveeta and peanut butter fudge
Image source: Katie Reed

Love fudge? Well, Velveeta, the “secret ingredient” in this peanut butter fudge is breaking the internet.

I love Velveeta. You might argue that it’s not really cheese or direct me to the ingredients label (which I refuse to read) just so I can see how bad it is for me. But whatever Velveeta is, I LOVE it. I love it melted on sandwiches, mixed in scrambled eggs, and of course, smothered on nachos.

If you’re interested in a little Velveeta in your peanut butter fudge, I have someone you need to meet.

Katie Reed, the mom of soon-to-be four boys and blogger behind It’s a Mother Thing shared her unconventional recipe for peanut butter fudge — and the internet definitely has some feelings about it.

“I’ve been making the fudge for about 10 years,” says Reed in an interview with Babble. “I attended a craft show back then as a vendor and I decided to bake some cookies and fudge to sell alongside my crafts. I was pretty bummed because most of my crafts didn’t sell, but amazingly, the peanut butter fudge sold out within the first hour.”

Reed had made a double batch of fudge, so we’re talking about 10 pounds of candy containing none other than Velveeta. “The best part, was seeing people’s faces when they heard what was in it,” reports Reed.

I am trying to imagine what kind of look would be on my face if someone told me I’d just chowed down on a piece of Velveeta candy. It probably wouldn’t be pretty.

Reed tells Babble that she had been discussing fudge recipes with a friend, who claimed to make her fudge with cream cheese. “I didn’t have any on hand, so I used Velveeta instead, and the rest was history,” says Reed, who has had the recipe on her blog for quite some time.

The recipe gained attention when Reed posted a video of her fudge on Facebook. The Velveeta Peanut Butter Fudge (yes, it bothers me just to type those words together) has been viewed 23K times in just three short days.

And people have some feelings about this unusual twist on candy-making. The comments section contains snippets such as “Dear God, why?”, crazy GIFs, and even some judgy criticism suggesting Reed feed her children less sugar, to which she responded with, “Have you never given your child a cookie?”

She goes on to admit, “I’ve received quite a bit of hate for it — not just because it is an unconventional recipe that freaks people out, but because quite a few people assume that I’m feeding my children nothing but these weird, sugar-laden recipes. Obviously, that isn’t the case, but this time of year I’m posting a lot of treats, which makes for a narrow view of my cooking.”

Reed is primarily a parenting blogger who has a healthy sprinkle of food and crafts on her blog. She doesn’t plan to change courses just because the internet is blowing up over her weird desserts.

“I won’t be shifting my focus from parenting, as that is my real passion,” Reed tells Babble. “But I’ve always believed that food and crafts are a big part of the parenting journey, and I hope to continue sharing them regularly.”

Reed garnered quite a bit of attention in November when she posted a video recipe for 7-Up Salad, which has been viewed over 4.1 million times. This “salad” contains 7-Up, marshmallows, other decidedly un-salad-like things, as well as a “secret ingredient” that’s causing more internet angst than Velveeta in peanut butter fudge.

My mama always told me to try things before turning my nose up at them, so in fairness, I can’t say I don’t like this crazy confection. I haven’t tried Velveeta Peanut Butter Fudge, but Reed assures me that I’d be surprised at how tasty it is.

“I have a LOT of unconventional recipes that I’ve been intending on posting and this has given me the push I need to create them. I have a few that I’m sure will ruffle feathers. I can’t wait to post them and see the reactions,” Reed says.

It’s up to you on whether you interpret that as a teaser or a warning, but either way, the world is waiting to see what this creative mama pulls out of her recipe box next!

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