Katy Perry Snags #1 Twitter Spot From Justin Bieber — And 19 Other Twitter Celebs

katy-perryKaty Perry is — you guessed it — roaring on Twitter, taking the #1 spot from Justin Bieber this week.

As I type this, @katyperry has 46,610,266 followers, while @justinbieber has 46,552,254. Justin had been at #1 since January, when he overtook Lady Gaga, who had been in the lead since 2010, when she passed Britney Spears.

If I go back any farther than that, I’m going to need to make a diagram, so let’s just say the past few years have been Britney-Gaga-Justin-Katy Twitter time and leave it at that that.

I have always had fun following celebrities on Twitter since I joined in 2005. I’m also an occasional retweeter of the famous person, mostly because some of the celebrities I follow (looking at you, Steve Martin, John CusackPink, and also Prince) are fascinating or funny or both. Some people I admit to following just so I can see what they’re going to say next. (Hi Kanye!)justin-bieber I’ve taken some criticism from time to time. People say it’s silly to follow people who don’t know you, and who, most likely, won’t be interested in what you have to say. This doesn’t really concern me. In the days before technology and the wonder of the Internet could connect us with virtually anyone at the click of a button, you’d maybe catch a celebrity interview on television or in a magazine. Now, if your favorite actors, musicians, and media personalities are on Twitter, they can share a thought or an opinion at the click of a button, just like you can. No, famous people on Twitter are no more your real “friends” just because you follow them than anyone else is, but it’s still unprecedented access and connection, and it can be interesting depending on the day and the star.

So who are the rest of the Twitter glitterati, behind Katy, Justin, and Gaga?? (Hint: A tech-savvy President knocked Taylor and Britney down a couple of pegs, and not all of the most followed Tweeters are actual human beings, although I’m guessing that people actually push the post button.) Let’s check out the rest of the top 20 most-followed Twitter accounts.

Oh, and they don’t have to worry about competition from me. I’m ranked #1,124,524 worldwide, so I think even Adele is safe. (I’m sure she was concerned.)

The Top 20 Most-Followed Twitter Accounts

  • Top 20 Most-Followed Twitter Accounts 1 of 19
  • Katy Perry 2 of 19

    Katy's Twitter account is heavy on album promotion, but it feels like a conversation, and she throws in enough personal commentary and pictures to make it fan-friendly. 

  • Justin Bieber 3 of 19

    @JustinBieber is heavy on tour and song and album release news, all of which goes out to 46,536,153 Beliebers right now. 

    Image credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Lady Gaga 4 of 19

    Gaga was at the top of Twitter for a long time, and still has 40,409,409 followers along for the ride. She talks mostly about her albums and other work, in typical Lady Gaga fashion. 

    Image credit: Twitter

  • Barack Obama 5 of 19

    President Obama's Twitter account isn't exactly politics as usual, and allows for some fun, too. 39,324,732 follow the president. 

    Image credit: Twitter

  • Taylor Swift 6 of 19

    36,296,869 followers check in for tweets that are not those of your average teenager, who is still very much a teenager: 

    Image credit: Twitter

  • YouTube 7 of 19

    In a feat of cross-platform meta-social media action, 35,774,213 followers catch up with what's going on in video sharing by following YouTube on Twitter. 

    Image credit: Twitter


  • Britney Spears 8 of 19

    Britney Spears's latest Twitter chat was a q&a with fans, where they could #AskBritneyJean questions. She has 33,784,225 followers, so that's a lot of potential questions. When asked what quote always inspires her, this was the one: 

    Image credit: Twitter

  • Rihanna 9 of 19

    Just over 32.5 million people follow Rihanna on Twitter, where she recently shared her love for number one Twitter woman Katy Perry. Rihanna is a big Instagram fan, as well. 

    Image credit: Twitter

  • Justin Timberlake 10 of 19

    I love checking in with Justin on Twitter, and so do 28,047,068 other people. 


    Image credit: Twitter

  • Twitter 11 of 19

    I've heard of pop eating itself, which may or may not be what happens when Twitter follows itself on Twitter. 26,442,652 people follow Twitter's perhaps surprisingly not-so-active account. 

    Image credit: Twitter

  • Jennifer Lopez 12 of 19

    She's @JLo on Twitter, of course and her #JLovers number just over 25,200,000.

    Image credit: Twitter


  • Ellen DeGeneres 13 of 19

    @TheEllenShow's Twitter bio says "My tweets are real, and they're spectacular." The tone says Ellen all the way, with a focus on her celebrity friends and guests, silly features form her show, and, of course, jokes. 23,377,795 followers are along for the ride as of today. 

    Image credit: Twitter

  • Cristiano Ronaldo 14 of 19

    The soccer player known as @Cristiano on Twitter is a forward for La Liga club Real Madrid and serves as captain of the Portuguese national team. He tweets out party pics, game highlights, and news about his new underwear line. (True story. Check the photos.) He's got 22,378,904 followers on his Twitter team as of this writing. 

    Image credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Oprah 15 of 19

    Oprah has a huge following for #SuperSoulSunday, and other livetweets of shows on the OWN Network, as well as the occasional personal reflection. @Oprah has almost 22 million followers

    Image credit: Twitter


  • P!nk 16 of 19

    Full disclosure: I am a big P!nk fan, and I love following her on Twitter. It's classic P!nk — opinions, news, commentary, retweets of celebrity friends, and more opinions. She's the real deal. Almost 21 million people agree. 

    Image credit: Twitter

  • Demi Lovato 17 of 19

    19,675,760 followers keep up with Demi Lovato's Twitter account, where recent topics of interest have included her love for Halloween, her excitement about the upcoming Hunger Games movie, and her nail art. 

    Image credit: Twitter

  • Kim Kardashian 18 of 19

    Kim tweets a lot of pictures, and with all the buzz about her, Kanye, and baby Nori, it surprises me that she's in 19th place with almost 19 million followers. 

    Image credit: Instagram

  • Adele 19 of 19

    18,440,337 people are on board the @OfficialAdele Twitter account, which she updates infrequently. 

    Image credit: Pacific Coast News

Image credit: Twitter; Twitter

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