Kelly Clarkson on the Importance of Knowing Her Kids Are Always Watching

This parenting gig is full of surprises, isn’t it?

For all of the exhausting days of “What is this horrible dinner you cooked, Mommy?” and “No! I will not wear a coat even though it’s 28 degrees!” there are just as many (if not more) moments of kindness and love. But you have to listen, or you might miss them.

Just this morning, I referred to myself as “boring old Mom” and my kids’ response stopped me in my tracks. They said, “Don’t say that. You aren’t boring. You are fun and the best Mommy in the world.” And that was it. I could die and go to heaven saying I did it. I lived a good life.

Well, fellow mom-in-the-trenches Kelly Clarkson recently shared with People that she, too, sees the lessons her kids teach her daily.

“I know it sounds silly, but kids teach you to be a better human. They’re watching every moment, not only me at home but me sitting here with y’all,” Clarkson shared.

Isn’t that the truth? That’s what I realized this morning after putting myself down and hearing my kids lift me up. How can I teach them to be proud of themselves if they hear their mom’s negativity? They are listening. They are watching.

Clarkson also reflected on the importance of setting a good example as a positive role model. “I hope with our two boys and our two girls that they see their parents as successful, loving and respectful people ’cause that’s what we want for them,” the dedicated mother and stepmother says.

We need to remember that we are our children’s primary example in life. Yes, they may see reality TV personalities and YouTube stars and be impacted by inappropriate or negative influences and we can do our best to monitor that, but we also need to monitor ourselves.

Moms, if we talk about our weight or put ourselves down, our girls hear it. How will they look at themselves as they grow up? How will our sons grow to love and respect women if their mom doesn’t love and respect herself?

And we want them to dream, don’t we? I imagine little Kelly Clarkson as a child, dreaming of becoming a famous singer one day. And she did, even if her journey was a scary one. Even if she was unsure that she’d make it. I fight fears of failure all the time, but I put myself out there to show my kids that no one who’s done anything worthwhile did so without difficulty or failure along the way. I can’t expect them to have courage and believe in themselves if I don’t do it first.

Clarkson knows the magnitude of the job she has as a mom. From teaching her kids to speak out if they or someone else is being mistreated to modeling self-love regardless of her weight, she’s working hard every day to be the best role model she can for her young children.

And she admits that it’s the hardest job on the planet. “They are challenging. Wine is necessary,” she joked. So necessary. Because after a long day of trying your best and hoping you’re not messing up, a glass of Pinot is much-deserved!

Thanks to Kelly Clarkson for keeping it real. Raising good humans is one tough gig, but it’s worth every second.

h/t: Mummy Pages

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