This 5-Year-Old Who Dressed Up as Mama Coco Has Already Won Halloween

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little girl dressed up as Mama Coco
Image Source: Noraelia Rodriguez | Pixar Animation Studios

I’m pretty sure my eyes are still puffy from all the crying I did while watching Disney•Pixar’s Coco for the first time. There’s just something about hearing the song “Remember Me” and seeing Mama Coco’s face as she recognizes the lyrics that brings on intense ugly-crying in me.

But thanks to 5-year-old Khloe Adelynn Rodriguez’s spot-on recreation of the character this week, I’m now filled with a different emotion when I think of the warm-hearted great-grandmother: happiness.

Five-year-old Khloe Adelynn Rodriguez channels Mama Coco from the Disney Pixar movie, 'Coco.'
Image Source: Noraelia Rodriguez

Khloe’s mom Noraelia Rodriguez, who lives in Houston, Texas, tells Babble that her daughter has actually been linked to Mama Coco for a while now. Khloe’s nickname among family and friends is “KoKo,” so when the movie Coco came out (and the family fell in love with it), the Rodriquez’s naturally started calling Khloe “Mama KoKo.”

Fast forward almost a year later, to last Monday night. Rodriguez says that she’d been feeling sad that day, as her boss had recently passed away after a four-year battle with cancer. The mom first thought she’d cope with her grief by going for a run on the treadmill; but as she opened her bathroom cabinet for a hair tie, she spotted an old can of white hair spray on the shelf — and that’s when an idea hit her.

“Suddenly, my creative mind took me to Mama Coco,” she recalls.

Luckily, Khloe already had a dress and sandals that seemed to fit the part perfectly. Rodriguez then used a contour pallet to do her daughter’s makeup (complete with faux frown lines and forehead wrinkles), before braiding and coloring her hair with the white hair spray.

Moments later, Mama “Koko” was revealed …

Noraelia Rodriguez sits in a chair, looking down and smiling. She's dressed as Mama Coco from 'Coco'.
Image Source: Noraelia Rodriguez

If you’re wondering what Khloe thought of being suddenly transformed into a 99-year-old grandmother, Rodriguez says she “loved it.” In fact, “She didn’t want to take the makeup off or get in the bath when it was time for bed,” her mother adds. “It was about 10:30 PM when I finally made her take it off!”

It wasn’t long before photos of little Khloe channelling Mama Coco went viral, after Rodriguez’s son Alejandro shared the photos on Twitter. With over 155K likes and 35K retweets so far, the love for this mini Mama Coco is clearly real.

Noraelia Rodriguez turns to the side while sitting in a chair, showing off her Mama Coco costume.
Image Source: Noraelia Rodriguez

Rodriguez explains that her own love for the film runs deep, and that she identifies strongly with the family bonds it portrays.

Coco shows you the unconditional love that parents, grandparents, and family have,” she shares. “It truly touches you.”

And we might just be seeing the Rodriguez family channel a few more Coco characters soon — Khloe’s mom tells Babble that her whole family is dressing up as characters from the film this Halloween!

Noraelia Rodriguez's family sits on the floor, each one dressed as a different character from 'Coco'.
Image Source: Noraelia Rodriguez

“I love to dress up for Halloween,” says Rodriguez. “Creating these memories with my kids means everything to me.”

We just have one request: That those Halloween night memories are all captured on camera — because we might just go “un poco loco” for a little Hector and Imelda!

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