A Parent Has the Right to Dress Their Child Any Way They Choose — Faux “Corsets” and All

Kim Kardashian West has weathered a ton of online criticism over the years — and has hit back many times. But this time it isn’t husband Kanye she’s defending, or her even lifestyle — but how she dresses her daughter North.

When 4-year-old North was photographed earlier this week in New York, wearing a dress that appeared to have a corset, the Internet went wild with outrage almost instantly. On Instagram, many declared the dress “too adult” for such a young child, with one user commenting that “It’s one thing for Kim to dress a certain way, it’s another to dress a little girl in sexualized attire.” Another commenter even asked, “This is a mess, why is a baby wearing a corset?”

The criticism clearly got to Kim on Wednesday — so much so, that she took to Twitter to defend her parenting choices by posting a video of the dress itself, before explaining that the “corset” was in fact just material added on top of the dress.

She explained:

“This dress, that I did not design I actually bought, is not a corset it’s just fabric on the front. So, I think it’s really cute, I bought it from a designer and it’s just fabric people, it’s not a real corset.”

Kim then followed up the video with a photo of the dress to further prove that yep, it was “just fabric.”

What disturbs me about this story isn’t just the fact the Internet is weighing in on something as trivial as a piece of clothing — it’s the fact that so many people (mostly women) felt compelled to criticize Kim about her parenting, to the point where she felt she had to publicly defend herself. Have we really not reached a place where we can choose what  our children to wear without being judged?

I’ll admit it: I’ve offended my family (on more than one occasion) by returning clothes they’ve bought for my kids simply because they weren’t my taste. But hey, that’s my choice. Plus, no matter what I’d like my daughter to wear, she’s had her own opinions on her wardrobe since she was 3 — so if she didn’t want to wear something I picked out for her, she’d let me know. Something tells me North West might be the same way.

What people also seem to forget is that most little girls like to emulate their moms. While I in no way believe that children should be sexualized, I can still remember how much I used to love wearing my mom’s heels, putting on her lipstick, and drpaing her necklaces and scarves around me as a little girl. I would totter around the house, happy as can be. There was nothing sexual about what I wore or how I behaved — in those moments, I was merely a little girl imitating her mom.


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North has no doubt seen how Kim dresses, and maybe even picked out the dress herself, because it reminds her of her mom — or simply because it’s cute!  The point is, we don’t know, and even if we did, it’s none of our business.

The truth is that we all have our own theories  when it comes to parenting, and the last thing we should be doing is judging a mom — celebrity or not — for how she dresses her kids. I don’t care if she chooses to cover her kid in thick makeup for a pageant, lets her 10-year-old wear heels, or buys a bikini for her pre-teen. You may not approve — but it isn’t your call.

Let’s leave Kim alone on this one, shall we?

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