Kim Kardashian Receives Backlash After Posting THAT Photo — But What Was So Wrong With It?

Kim Kardashian has found herself at the receiving end of a large amount of negative criticism from fans after posting her revealing “selfie” of her post-baby body in a white swimsuit. She uploaded the photo on Instagram last week, with the hashtag #nofilter.

The picture — of Kim, with her famous derriere turned towards the mirror, in a VERY revealing white swimsuit — sent shockwaves through all of social media, with many feeling that it was “inappropriate” behavior from a new mother. One Twitter user commented, “Kim Kardashian should stop taking inappropriate pictures & start taking care of her baby.” Another said, “This photo is desperate. This photo is sad. This photo is inappropriate.” Those who disapproved of the photo suggested that as a new mom, there should be cut-off point to posting such pictures, and that Kim had overstepped the mark.

Kim has made no secret of her attempts to regain her post-baby curvaceous figure, admitting that she has followed the Atkins diet to lose the pounds. I wonder what upset people more, that Kim has managed to lose the weight and was flaunting her body, or the fact she is a MOM flaunting her body?

The question is, once we are mothers, are we supposed to never feel good about our bodies again? Or if we do, are we meant to keep them covered up and not display our curves to the world? With her boyfriend Kanye tweeting that he was “HEADING HOME NOW” in response to the racy photo, are people more upset at the thought of Kim still having a healthy love life with her man? Or is it distasteful to show this off? For me, I thought the photo was a tad too graphic, focusing as it did on her famous bottom. I applaud her for losing weight and feeling good about herself — as all new moms know, we don’t exactly feel at our “hottest” in the throes of breastfeeding, with baby spit-up in our hair and an extra tire around our waists. But the thing that made me feel a bit grossed out was the fact she was showing so MUCH of her body, in what could have been an intimate snap for her man’s eyes only. Why share with the rest of the world?

But this is Kim K. This is what she does, what she earns millions of $ for every year — for living her life on camera. So are you going to judge her now? Why? You haven’t all along…

If people didn’t watch her show or buy her fragrances, she wouldn’t be as famous as she is. So you guys put her where she is — and she is working it! She has had her gorgeous daughter, and she is proud of her regained figure. So she is doing what she does best — showing it off and letting the world in. I say, no matter what the photo is like, let’s not get all judgmental now just because she is a mom. Are moms never allowed to feel sexy ever again? Since when?

Kim has got her mojo back. All credit to her. What do you think?

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Photo credit: Instagram

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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