Kim Kardashian, Snooki, Holly Madison and MORE: HOT Valentine’s Day Photos!

Valentine’s Day is different things to different people and this is made VERY clear with the examples of how celebrities spent their own special days of love.

Kim Kardashian, she received ONE THOUSAND red roses from Kanye West. Holly Madison‘s daughter posed adorably with a bouquet of balloons and Snooki was totally spoiled by her boys.

Yup, Kim Kardashian was all about the romance and excess, Holly Madison was all about the baby and cuteness and Snooki was spending it with the men in her life, they each celebrated in different ways, but the one constant? Love.

Check out the stars personal Valentine’s Day photos right here:


  • One Thousand Roses 1 of 12
    Kim Kardashian roses

    Kim Kardashian got an amazing surprise, a THOUSAND flowers from Kanye West!


    Photo Source: Kim Kardashian/ Instagram


  • Kate Gosselin’s Meal! 2 of 12

    "It was all about #LOVE today.Foods, gifts, desserts,candy,snow&fun! Happy Valentines Day! My 8 loves&I loved it all!"

    Photo Source: Kate Gosselin/Twitter

  • Kourtney Kardashian Splashes Out 3 of 12
    kourtney kids

    Kourtney Kardashian went all out for her kids on Valentine's Day!


    Photo Source: Kourtney Kardashian/ Instagram

  • Kendra Wilkinson Baskett 4 of 12

    Kendra Wilkinson Baskett shared this cute family photo saying:  "Nice valentines day family hike to start this beautiful day off. Love is definitely in the air today. 🙂 happy #valentinesday to all of you."


    Photo Source: Kendra Wilkinson Baskett / Instagram


  • Neil Patrick Harris 5 of 12

    How cute are Neil Patrick Harris's kids?!?!


    "Happy Valentine's Day from Gideon and Harper! This was their gift to @DavidBurtka and me (G's feet, H's hands). #melting"


    Photo Source: Neil Patrick Harris/ Instagram


  • Holly Madison 6 of 12
    Holly Madison

    How cute is THIS!?!?

    Holly wrote, "Rainbow loves her valentine's balloons."

    Photo Source: Holly Madison/ Instagram


  • Kim and Kanye Go For a Ride 7 of 12
    Kim K - 2

    Kim with Kanye before he hits the stage on Valentine's Day.


    Photo Source: Kim Kardashian/ Instagram

  • Snooki 8 of 12

    Snooki got some goodies!


    "Flowers & chocolates from the two men in my life #lorenzophotobomb #GETDOWN."


    Photo Source: Snooki/ Instagram


  • Hilary Duff’s Message 9 of 12

    Hilary Duff tweeted out this message with her families footsteps. And even though she and her husband have broken up, they are still vacationing together!


    Photo Source: Hilary Duff/ Twitters

  • Heidi Klum 10 of 12

    Heidi Klum got arty on Valentine's Day!


    Photo Source: Heidi Klum/ Twitter

  • Alyson Hannigan 11 of 12

    Now THAT is a lot of balloons!


    Photo Source: Alyson Hannigan/ Twitter

  • Mariah Carey 12 of 12

    Wowza! Mariah Carey totally committed to Valentine's Day with candy covered lingerie!


    Photo Source: Mariah Carey/Twitter

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