Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard on the Secret to Their Happy Marriage: Couples Therapy

Let’s face it, getting along with your spouse or partner takes work — and sometimes lots of it. We could all use some help from an outside source when it comes to honoring the “happily ever after” part of our vows. I mean, I know for sure that one of the reasons I my marriage of 17 years works is because my husband and I aren’t afraid to ask for help when we need it.

And it looks like Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard — one of our favorite (and most relatable) Hollywood couples — agrees. In a candid interview with People on Monday, they opened up about one of their best-kept marriage secrets: Couples therapy.

“We have a very healthy marriage and we got there by doing therapy when we need it, and constantly doing fierce moral inventories,” Bell told People at the premiere of their upcoming movie, CHiPS. “We both take responsibility when we are wrong, and I think it is easy to work with him because I married him, because I enjoy spending time with him and I trust him. That is exactly what I want in someone that I work with.”

And it’s precisely the taking responsibility when you’re wrong part of her comment that so many couples struggle with. But fortunately for this couple, who are parents to two daughters, Delta, 2 and Lincoln, 3 1/2, they’ve figured out that if you can’t trust each other, or be willing to communicate that something is wrong, your marriage and family will ultimately suffer.

Speaking to Bell, Shephard added, “If I ever see you [Bell] roll your eyes at me, we need to hit pause and figure out what’s going on.”

It’s that very ability to “hit pause” and take a step back that has kept many relationships together.

But this isn’t the first time the beloved couple has spoken out about their willingness to seek help. In 2015, Bell told Entertainment Tonight that the couple’s relationship “wasn’t perfect.”

“We had a couple years of fighting and of growing pains and hating each other, then loving each other and going to couples therapy and we worked it out,” Bell shared. “We earned each other.”

And as much as we love watching this power couple on screen, it’s the simple message that Bell and Shephard have conveyed to their fans that counts the most: Asking for help, going to therapy or seeking guidance from others, does not mean that a couple is “broken” or that their relationship is doomed. As a mater of fact, it can actually mean quite the opposite.

And Bell reminds us of just that when she says, “I don’t mind advertising a healthy marriage. I’m trying just like everyone else.”

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