Kristen Bell’s Trashed Living Room Looks … a Whole Lot Like Ours

Kristen Bell is just the coolest mom. Seriously. Every single time this lady appears in the news, it’s because she has done something that few celebs do — which is keep it real.

Just yesterday, she posted a picture on her Instagram account, and with one sentence, she summed up modern parenting: “This is a picture of both the floor of my house and the interior of my brain. #momlife.”

The hilarious picture quickly captured the attention of the Internet and has been liked 219K times. Her floor, which I would have thought to be immaculate thanks to a full-time staff of servants (my imagination goes directly to Daddy Warbucks when I think of celebrities) was shown strewn with upended baskets of toys. I mean, this could easily be my living room floor, or yours, which is why I love Kristen Bell for her deadpan honesty when it comes to motherhood.

This isn’t the first time she attracted the love and admiration of moms everywhere. There was that time when she confessed to having trouble keeping her kids close while in public (who hasn’t had trouble with a kid wanting to toddle off into traffic or into a store?) and then wowed us all with her very cool “all hands in the circle” trick.

And when it comes to the stress of keeping little ones in line, she shared her wisdom on that as well. “Once the negative feeling starts to own you, it’s on you to put it in the trash and let it go,” she told Babble earlier this year. “You are the only person that has the power to change your feelings.”

Bell also had the Internet in stitches with her “mid-flight busted diaper fix,” in which she used a hair tie to hold her child’s diaper together. I LOL’d so hard I spilled my coffee after seeing that one on Instagram.

But possibly my favorite admission from Bell was when she recently opened up during an interview with Babble and confessed that she has never sent a holiday card. Girl, me too! Who has time?!

Parenting is a tough gig for even the most seasoned among us, so when we see celebrities who we assume have it all — money, time, no stress, a full staff of helpers — it makes it all that much more amazing when one of them turns out to be as real as the rest of us.

Now if only I could just figure out how to get Kristen Bell to join my playdate social calendar.

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