Kristen Bell’s New Web Series “Momsplaining” Gets Kids to Open Up in the Most Hilarious Way

Kristen Bell is a mom after our own hearts. She is brutally honest, takes no grief from her kids whatsoever, and always keeps a sense of humor when it comes to parenting. Basically, we want her to be our best friend and also maybe raise us.

And if we needed one more reason to love her, well, we’ve found it. Ellen Digital Studios in partnership with OLLY Nutrition is producing the video series, “Momsplaining with Kristen Bell” – and we are here for all of it.

In the series, the actress and mom of two interviews people’s kids and asks them a bunch of questions while their parents are watching from behind a two-way mirror.

“Am I qualified to talk to children that aren’t my own?” asks Bell. “No. Is that going to stop me? Absolutely not.”

Hold onto your hats, mothers, it’s going to be a dicey ride.

The six-episode original digital series aims to help moms laugh at themselves while also pointing out just how perceptive their little ones are. And judging by the third episode, above, that’s definitely true.

In this video, Bell warms the kids up by showing them the benefits of a fart machine and just generally being herself. It’s clear the kids adore her from the very beginning.

Later, Bell asks questions like, “Do you know where babies come from? Their bellies? But how did it get in the belly?” while their moms look on in what appears to be horrified suspense.

“When you’re trying to get the baby out of there, it sort of looks like laundry,” one little girl observes. Then the most recently educated one steps up and tells the group, “Um, your mom and dad make a baby with their, um, privates.”

Man, this kid is more mature than I am.

As if “the birds and the bees” wasn’t enough, she then moves into dangerous territory.

“Do your mommies ever drink wine?” she asks.

Oh, hell no.

A little boy named James steps right on up, even raising his hand and says, “My mom does!”

The camera pans to the moms who are both laughing and commiserating in their own embarrassment. When Bell asks how often, James replies, “My mom drinks wine very often.”

Mic. Drop.

What’s almost as funny as the kid’s responses is watching the moms tell everyone what really happened (er, making excuses) when their kids hang them out to dry.

There are some sweet moments, too — like when she asks what the kids call their moms and you see their faces light up as they answer “mama” and “mommy.” It almost makes up for their answers. Almost.

Bell finally goes back to commiserate with the moms and divulges that kids will be kids, no matter what — sharing a funny example of when she and her husband Dax Shepard were yelling at their kids to get to bed and her oldest daughter said, “Man, you f*ckers are not nice.”

So glad to know we are all in such great company.

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