Kristen Bell “Serenades” Her Therapist in Hilarious ‘Funny or Die’ Sketch

Just when I thought I couldn’t relate to Kristen Bell any more than I already did, she teamed up with Funny or Die for a sketch that simply blew me away. The incredible actress and mom of two has been very vocal about a number of things, including mental health and depression. So, it’s no surprise that she signed on to create this hilarious ballad to her “therapist.”

First things first: Bell totally nails that moment where your therapist tells you she’s going to be away for a few weeks. Anyone devoted to their routine therapy sessions knows this subtle internal panic that occurs.

A lot can pile up in my brain over two weeks! Who will I vent to about that weird thing that happened at the doctor’s office or that judgmental look that bus driver gave me?!

I’m telling you — it’s a real issue. And Bell gets it. Even though we never say anything other than “works for me” when our beloved therapist decides to take some vacation time (she deserves it!).

But the real magic begins when Bell starts to belt out hilariously relatable lyrics like:

“If you ask me I’d say your advice is priceless, but thank God my insurance provides this.”

“I spend most of our sessions holding back questions about you.”

“You came up in my people you may know on Facebook and I thought about looking through your photos, but I didn’t. I respect your privacy. Okay fine I lied, I looked at the photos multiple times.”

All of this is just so spot-on. Anyone taking the extra effort to take care of themselves with regular visits to therapy can completely relate. I mean, we’re all dying to know more about about our therapists’ personal lives but no one would ever ask … would they? And don’t even get me started on what this kind of treatment would cost without insurance.

And yet, the lyric that really stuck with me most was, “I know I pay you to talk to me, but sometimes I pretend it’s free,” because who doesn’t want to feel like the person you’re pouring your life out to genuinely wants to hear about it?

Now, don’t get me wrong. love my therapist — she’s a freaking blessing. But BOY do I wish I could sign up for a session with Jan Gray PhD after watching this ballad.

Hey Kristen, is she taking on new clients?

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