Kristin Chenoweth Picks an Impromptu Duet Partner at the Hollywood Bowl — And She’s Really Good!

kristin-chenowethYou know how sometimes performers bring audience members up on stage to be part of the act? Kristin Chenoweth did that for her rendition of “For Good” at the Hollywood Bowl this week, and it’s an understatement to say that she picked a winner.

Sarah Horn, the California Baptist University voice instructor who got to sing with Chenoweth, wrote about her experience on Broadway World.

“Toward the end of the second half of the performance, Kristin wanders on to the pasarel,” said Horn. “She held a mic up to a lady in front of me and asked if she knew the song ‘For Good.’ Nope. I took the chance, as I was directly behind Kristin, to stand up and wave and say, ‘I know the song!’ This is not like me – to jump up and wave my arms like a crazy person and raise my voice at a celebrity. As soon as she turned to look at me, I sat right back down… and calmly said, ‘Hiiiii’.”

After Chenoweth’s team quizzed Sarah and another audience member about their knowledge of Wicked and the song, they came back to Sarah, and told her she was going on.

“I sat there for a moment, stunned,” said Horn. “Then the backup singer motioned for me to get up. I shot up out of my chair as my heart leaped up past my throat and started beating in my ears. I don’t really remember what happened between the box and when I first set foot onstage except that there was now a microphone in my hand.”

Once they were settled on stage, Chenoweth asked her what she did for a living.

“I teach voice lessons,” Horn said, and it was, literally, on.

What happened next speaks best for itself, in a YouTube clip that’s nearing two million views as of this post. It’s one of those that even if you’ve seen it in your newsfeeds and haven’t clicked, you really should, especially if you love a good song and watching people having a great time singing it.

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In an entertainment world where so much seems overly scripted, the interaction between Horn and Chenoweth was sweet and real. Horn was clearly thrilled to be singing with the star — if jumping up and down and saying “I’m singing with Kristin Chenoweth!” into the mic is any indication. Chenoweth seemed legitimately thrilled to perform with someone who clearly knew and loved the song. “Holy crap, harmony,” she said after Horn started singing, and she was right on: Horn has some pipes, and “For Good” was a perfect fit for her, and for the two singers together.

“Remind me never to pick someone who sings better than I do. Seriously, people. This voice is teaching our young people,” Chenoweth said after Horn left the stage, and from the chills I still had at the end, I agree that that’s a very good thing.

Horn shared in her Broadway World post that the LA Times wanted to know afterwards if she was an audience plant, and she got to spend some time backstage after the show, meeting Darren Criss from Glee, and Kristin again.

“We all eventually made it out of there and now my face hurts from smiling but I can’t stop. The experience was so surreal. I know I will wake up thinking it was all a dream but then I’ll see the pictures and the video and realize that it was really real.

On the walk to our car, my father reminded me that he had prayed 11 years ago that I would one day sing with Kristin Chenoweth. I smiled an even larger smile, grasped his arm, and asked him to keep praying impossible prayers because they just might come true.”

The “For Good” chorus says, in part, “Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better? Because I knew you…I have been changed for good.”

Something about these two ladies singing together suggests that this just may be true. Kristin_Chenoweth

Image credit: YouTube; Wikimedia Commons

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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