Lace Shorts for Men Are Now a Thing … Because Why Not?

Just when we thought we’d reached the pinnacle of men’s fashion with the RompHim, it seems there’s a new sheriff in town. And the sheriff is wearing head-to-toe lace.

Image Source: Hologram City

The see-through lace shorts — which have been seriously blowing up the Internet today — were designed by LA-based brand Hologram City, and are apparently the latest in a confusing but seemingly consistent trend towards baring it all. To be fair though, we women have had our own share of flesh-bearing options in 2017, so it’s no wonder men decided they should get in on the fun, too.

First, there was the Clear Mom Jeans, available from Topshop. Though honestly, the only body part showing here are your knees and really, I don’t know anyone looking to showcase their knee caps. Not to be outdone, Levi’s came out with the Vetements chaps, which are $1,100 women’s shorts with a built-in zippered peep show option for your butt. (Because you just never know when you will need to show your bottom to someone. Or set your money on fire.)

If you’re a person who likes options, women were also presented this year with detachable jeans featuring side cut-outs. These jeans are for those days that start out with a chill and then, before you know it, turn into a scorcher and leave you thinking, “If only I could rip these jeans off my person IMMEDIATELY, life would be so much better.” Well at $425 a pop, now you can.

Image Source: Lyst

So it’s no wonder that men have had enough of idly standing by. Those PRPS Barracuda Straight Leg Men’s Jeans, doused in “fake mud” and meant to “show you’re not afraid to get down and dirty” went off like a fart in church so what were fashion designers left to do?

Image Source: Nordstrom

Lace. They were left with lace.

Image Source: Hologram City

But hey, who am I to judge the latest fashion trends? After all, I work from home and cycle between pajama and yoga pants each day. I even have a pair of yoga pants with cute zippered bottoms for when I’m feeling particularly fancy. I also firmly believe that everyone should wear whatever makes them happy. So if you are a man who is happiest when draped in lace, then today is your lucky day.

The men’s garments, sold for the bargain price of $49, can be worn with matching lace shirts, creating the illusion of a RompHim with less bathroom hassle. Just make sure you’re wearing freshly clean tighty-whities, because they (and the contents they hold) will be on full display for all the world to see.

And word to the wise, if you’re looking to purchase one of these shorts, or shirts, or short-shirt combos for Father’s Day, they don’t start shipping until June 16. So please plan accordingly.

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