Mom Secretly Records Daughter Singing ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ and It’s Seriously Hilarious

As a bonafide Beauty and the Beast fanatic, I have never respected someone more than I do Lauren Michelle Mazur, who’s now going viral for her incredibly impressive BATB sing-a-long.

Lauren was recently spending the night with her family when she declared that, much like any ’90s child worth their salt, she remembered every single word to the classic film. Her family decided to put her Disney knowledge to the test — and the results were truly epic.

With the soundtrack playing in the background, the 28-year-old basically turned herself into a one-woman show, taking on every character in one of the film’s opening scenes. From Belle and Gaston to the town villagers, Lauren recites every line and sings every phrase with absolute perfection.

“We put on Disney karaoke to test her,” her mom Janet tells Babble. “There were no lyrics and she did it all by memory!”


No surprise, Janet shares that her daughter has in fact been a huge Disney fan since Day 1:

“When I took her to daycare as a baby, she would sing the entire soundtrack at age 3 … she never forgot it,” Janet recalls. “She also knows the full Little MermaidAladdin and others. She sounds just like the characters and does any princess spot on!”

While I’d certainly love to see Lauren take on other Disney movies and characters (I mean, she really has a knack for this!), I can’t get enough of her take on Beauty and the Beast. She’s clearly a natural performer.

But here’s the best part: Her mom secretly filmed the entire thing on her phone, without Lauren even noticing — which basically makes for comedy gold.

“She didn’t know I was taping so it was much more natural,” Janet explains. “Had she known she may have been more staged … she was a musical theater kid in school so she’s a performer.”

I don’t know about you, but if my mom had secretly recorded me singing and posted it on Facebook for the world to see, I wouldn’t exactly be thrilled. But it sounds like Lauren has taken it all in stride.

“She at first was a little embarrassed, but she’s very easy going,” Janet says. “Once she saw nice comments, she was humbled. She still hasn’t posted it to her personal Facebook page because she is a little embarrassed by the large response.”

But hey, what’s a little public mortification when it earns you your stripes at Internet stardom? Fair trade, I’d say.

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