LeVar Burton Read ‘Goodnight Moon’ to Neil deGrasse Tyson and It Was All Sorts of Adorable

Every once in a while, two iconic mega stars will collide to create one mega happening on the Internet, big enough to make grown people everywhere want to cry tears of joy and melancholy delight.

Take, for example, that time Neil deGrasse Tyson whimsically tweeted out that he wanted someone to read him the children’s classic story Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown. (I hear ya, NDT — I too wish someone would read to me for once!)

Amazingly, none other than the beloved LaVar Burton of Reading Rainbow fame responded. The dynamic duo met up soon after the goofy tweet was published, and together they created the sweetest and funniest little video of Burton reading to Tyson, complete with a pillow and lullaby music.

Sigh … so relaxing.

In the now viral video, which as been viewed more than 87,000 times Tuesday, Tyson sits quietly while Burton reads Goodnight Moon in a dark and quiet setting, with a larger than life image of the moon hanging behind them. At the end of the relaxing story — which every kid in America must know by heart by now — Tyson says to Burton: “Lavar? Do you think when the cow says ‘Moo’ he’s really saying ‘moon’?”

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had plenty to say about this epic pairing.

And for all those who are hip to the super inappropriate, there were plenty of people who pointed out how awesome it would be if Tyson would guest read for another popular book, Go The F**K To Sleep,

After all was said and done, Tyson just couldn’t help but drop some science on us (because, of course) by using his Twitter account to point out that a cow really could jump over the moon. It would just need to be going about 25,000 miles per hour and leaps off the earth at the exact right time. You know, NBD.

Goodnight Moon is a personal favorite in my own house, and with three young kids this means that I’ll probably have read this book approximately 8 BILLION times by the time my youngest outgrows the timeless classic. And as a mom who has honestly become bored to freaking tears with this story, it is absolutely wonderful to see my childhood hero LaVar Burton meet up with my current hero Neil DeGrasse Tyson to produce a goofy YouTube video.

Well done, sirs.

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